Mediclinic Newcastle welcomes new Patient Experience Manager, Dr Ayo Esuola


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Committed to continuous improvement for the benefit of their patients and the community, Mediclinic Newcastle is elated to welcome Dr Ayo Esuola as its new Patient Experience Manager.  

The full of life and always friendly, Ayo explains that he has been with Mediclinic for just over a year. But what many might not know is that he is a medical doctor trained in Ukraine before relocating to South Africa. 

 “I am captivated with Mediclinic Newcastle’s patient centred approach. The focus is not only on the patient, but also to include the family and relatives in the process.”

Exploring the topic, Ayo says that Newcastillians can expect the Patients Experience Team to be more attentive on a solution-focused engagement with all hospital stakeholders, ensuring that service delivery is executed flawlessly.

“We want to hear every voice in Newcastle, and we want to hear it all, compliments, complaints and general feedback, as we are a hospital in the community and for the community,” Ayo spotlights.

When it comes to Mediclinic Newcastle’s patient experience focal points, Ayo says that their primary focus is always on service delivery “to you, the community, our patients, your family, relatives, and other stakeholders.”

Driving the private medical institute’s patient attentiveness to more elevated levels, Ayo states that “We want to ensure that service delivery is executed to a defined level of care all the time.” He further says, “This will ensure that we are regarded as a preferred healthcare provider locally and respected in the broader community. In order to achieve this, all staff needs to be aligned to this vision, and we have to regularly measure the experience from our patients.”

In the name of progression, he also mentions that Mediclinic has strategically aligned with Press Ganey, an international patient experience company that specialises in patient experience measurement.

Impressively, Press Ganey’s surveys are used in over 10,000 medical institutions worldwide as of November 2016.

“Apart from measuring the patient experience, our staff are individually committed to accepting responsibility for all the clients they interact with.”

With substantial importance placed on patient experience, what can people expect from Mediclinic Newcastle, from when they arrive to when they leave?

Ayo says, “Mediclinic Newcastle’s goal is to make sure our patients feel special from the moment they arrive at the entrance to when they step out of the hospital in good health. This is achieved by ensuring our staffs are friendly 24/7 and most importantly providing expertise the community can trust when it comes to medical services. We also pride ourselves in attentively listening to our patients regarding their journey in our facility.”

But what steps should Newcastillians take if they do not receive quality service?

Ayo underlines that Mediclinic Newcastle’s promise and commitment to their patients remains their primary focus. “However, should we fall short, we have a designated complaint resolution process, which includes a proper investigation into all queries, ensuring that no feedback goes unheard or is not attended to.”

Explaining the process, he explains that “this can either be done by the Patient Opinion Survey (POS) cards while patients are in hospital, or by contacting us directly when discharged, either by phone or through our intranet service.”

In addition, Ayo emphasises that Newcastillians can reach him and the Hospital General Manager at any time. This ensures that all patients have the best possible experience at Mediclinic Newcastle.

“At Mediclinic Newcastle, we commit to be your trusted provider of choice, through constant engagement with you our client and continuous improvement of our services,” Ayo concludes.

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