Curro Mount Richmore pays tribute to the community and their sponsors


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As the academic year draws to an end—learners and staff are gearing up for the much needed and well-deserved holidays. Curro Mount Richmore, wishes to express their gratitude to all who supported and contributed to the successes of our school, throughout 2021.

Mr Bryn Thomas, Executive Head of Curro Mount Richmore, emphasised, “On behalf of the school, I would like to point out that, all our successes throughout the year would not have materialised, had it not been for the interest and involvement, shown and given by our local community, businesses, parents and individuals. Your sponsorships, support and contributions all played a huge part in enabling us to further improve our school.

We greatly appreciate your help, and we want to ensure you know how important your commitment is to the overall success of our school. 

Mr Thomas contently exclaimed, “Reflecting on the year, I am pleased to report that due to the generous and selfless support given by so many, it has enabled us to accomplish more than we ever imagined.”

Discussing the progress, Mr Thomas stated, “Our school is growing, and our children are achieving amazing feats, to continue these achievements will require continual help and support from our community.”

Looking ahead, the hands-on leader emphasises that he hopes that the relationships that have been cultivated will not only get stronger, but become mutually beneficial for all.

“Partnering together will ensure that education is driven to the extent where the change we all long to see in the world, will become a reality.”

To the following suppliers and sponsors that became part of the Curro Mount Richmore family:

  • Medbond
  • 10 Uit 10
  • Fiamma’s Grill
  • Network Collection
  • Indluvo Construction
  • East Toyota
  • Syntelo
  • CMH Ballito
  • New Salt Rock City
  • Siza Water
  • Custom Apparel
  • Cane Driving Range
  • BBM Bigalke Building & Maintenance
  • Newcastillian – Online News

Please accept our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your unwavering generosity! Curro Mount Richmore Ballito, would like to wish the community, sponsors, parents, staff and learners a safe and blessed festive season and a prosperous 2022.

*This post and content is sponsored and provided by Curro Mount Richmore


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