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High school is an experience that people carry with them well into adulthood. Given the importance of high school in a child’s life, Curro Mount Richmore strives to make this time memorable and love-filled.

Curro Mount Richmore, a school that takes pride in its openness and commitment to high moral standards, encouraged students to share their experiences from high school. This is what they have to say:

Rorisang Nteko – Grade 11

For Rorisang, being at Curro Mount Richmore is an experience he will never have at another school.

“The school and its people give off a sense of home, making learners feel comfortable to be themselves. Leaners have a tight bond with one another, making them even forget that they are not siblings.”

In addition, Rorisang emphasises the importance of teachers being gentle and understanding with learners. Their demeanour and behaviour exude a parental aura, ensuring that children feel safe at school.

When looking at the school’s sports life, Rorisang says, “At Curro, sport is taken seriously by not only staff but leaners as well. Our athletes give it their all in their respected codes, always wanting to do our school’s name proud.”

Aimee Barnard – Grade 10

Aimee describes her daily routine at school, emphasising the importance of Curro Mount Richmore in her life.

  • When arriving at school, I get dropped off at the entrance gate and then I receive a friendly greeting and mask smile from the teacher on duty.
  • I then make my way to the high school building, where we have our temperature taken by a teacher, two other teachers also assist and record the temperatures using a computer program.
  • I make my way up to my register teacher’s classroom and place my bags outside.
  • I greet and chat with my friends until 08:00
  • At 08:00, my whole class then enters our register teacher’s classroom.
  • Our register teacher starts the day off with a prayer and asks if we would like to share anything and then continues to state the weekly or daily announcements.
  • After 10 minutes, everyone goes off to their different classes for their chosen subjects.
  • In the middle of the day, we have a break where we sit outside, soak up some sunlight, and catch up with friends.
  • The rest of the day is then filled with laughter, joy, determination, and hard work.
  • The school day then ends at 14:30.
  • Some people will either go home and others will go to their chosen sport or attend consolidation lessons.
  • All of the teachers really do try their best to make school (academics, culture, sport and extra lessons) fun and enjoyable for us.

Kiegan Padayachee – Grade 9

Kiegan considers himself fortunate to be a learner at Curro Mount Richmore. “My school has wonderful teachers who make our learning interesting. I have benefited greatly from the lessons and talks that prepares us for our exams, as well as for subject choices and courses.”

Moreover, Kiegan emphasises that Curro sponsors numerous charity and community projects that encourage learners to help others.

“I love our Fridays Culture programme, it gives learners the opportunity to interact with learners of other grades and to participate in a range of activities. Sport at Curro is fun, and helps us to develop social skills like teamwork and good sportsmanship.”

Kiegan describes the advancement of the schools’ facilities, such as the Astroturf, as “extremely exciting.”

“I am proud to be a part of Curro Mount Richmore School,” Kiegan concludes.

Yuvraj Misra -Grade 11

“Curro Mount Richmore has a school life that is unlike other schools. Being at Curro for almost four years, I have experienced the family environment of my peers and the teachers. The brotherhood and sisterhood that is created is unlike anything I have seen.”

In addition, Yuvraj emphasises that Curro Mount Richmore teachers create a vibrant classroom environment that inspires learners to participate in class discussions.

“The building of the Astro will enhance our learners sporting abilities. The coaches bring a conversational and relaxing environment after a day filled with hard work in our academic classes. I have seen Curro learners balance their academic and sport lives. This shows commitment from the learners to progress and excel in both parts of the school life. Curro Mount Richmore lives up to its motto, Learners2Leaders.”

Kelsey Jones – Grade 11

“My personal experience at Curro Mount Richmore has been so memorable and I have enjoyed every year I have been part of Curro.” Kelsey looks forward to going to class every day because teachers are attentive and make sure learners understand every concept ensuring they perform to the best of their abilities.

Kelsey adds, “Our sports programme has grown dramatically, and we are extremely excited about our new Hockey AstroTurf Field. Our netball and tennis courts have recently been revamped and we have utilised them to the best of our abilities.”

Concluding, Kelsey says, “Being here for almost four years, I have seen myself grow as a person, along with the school, and I am so grateful to be part of the Curro family.”

With all this insight into Curro Mount Richmore from the learners, the only logical next step is to come and see for yourself. 

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