Curro Mount Richmore bids farewell to Grade 12s and welcomes incoming Grade Rs


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As the academic year draws to a close, learners are gearing up for the next stage of their journey. A move that, for many children, is fraught with uncertainty.

Curro Mount Richmore, as a school that cares for its learners, realises how challenging the endeavour might be. With this in mind, the Ballito-based private school steps forward to provide words of comfort to its exiting matriculants, entering Grade Rs and advice to pleased parents.

Addressing the school’s matriculants as the Grade 12 head, Rita Maharaj says, “Dear Grade 12’s of 2021, I implore you to always see yourselves as good ambassadors of Curro Mount Richmore. Always remember to be kind and humble to people you meet on your way up as you journey to greatness.”

She adds that it was a wonderful experience being their grade head and English teacher for the past three years. “Thus far, you have been my favourite group for various positive reasons. I bid you farewell and wish you the best of luck in your days ahead. May God bless you all.”

Prindha Francis, Head of High School Academics of Curro Mount Richmore, extends a heartfelt congratulations to the Class of 2021. You have survived really challenging times and have adapted accordingly. It has been wonderful to watch you grow from Grade 8 to respectful and hardworking individuals. I am proud of what you have accomplished thus far, and cannot wait to see what lies ahead.”

Furthermore, she adds that the Grade 12s’ dedication and resilience have led them to this stage, and it is now up to them to keep forging forward until they meet their goals.

“I would like to encourage each of our Grade 12s to stay positive and remember that there is a solution to every challenge and it is up to you to find that solution.”

She concludes that the Class of 2021 should always remember, “Be bold, be courageous, be your best.”

As Mrs Francis and Mrs Maharaj bid farewell, Mandie Coetzee, Head of the Foundation Phase, begins by giving a warm and special welcome to the Grade R learners, who will be entering Foundation Phase for the first time in 2022.

“We are so excited to meet you in January as you start your formal schooling at Curro Mount Richmore. The teachers will watch you grow as you embark on an exciting journey of learning and discovering through play in the classroom, while engaging in sport and cultural activities in the afternoons.”

Further adding that young learners have nothing to be concerned about since Curro Mount Richmore’s teachers will be there for them every step of the journey. Constantly mentoring and aiding the youth, assisting them in reaching their greatest potential and developing their unique gifts.

The Grade R teachers who are waiting to meet their new learners are:

  • Mrs Venessa Roos (English medium) 
  • Ms Tanya Pachon (English medium)
  • Mrs Tamsyn Stevens (English medium)
  • Mrs Yolande Scholtz (Afrikaans medium)

In the Foundation Phase, Curro uses an upgraded curriculum to prepare learners with critical 21st-century skills for future success. The acclaimed school uses a hands-on, play-based approach.

Aside from Literacy, Mathematics, and Life Skills, your child will also participate in weekly Robotics sessions and experience exciting practical Science lessons.

The phonological awareness curriculum and games prepare learners for formal reading lessons. Learners will enjoy music lessons with Mrs Baard, swim lessons, and PE once a week with Curro Mount Richmore’s sports instructors.

Extramural activities

In the afternoons, Curro Mount Richmore provides a range of sports and cultural programmes in which learners can engage.

Daily programme

Mondays through Thursdays, school begins at 07:25 and ends at 13:30, after learners have engaged in extramural activities. On Fridays, school ends at 12:15.

As a bonus, the private school provides academic help sessions for learners who require more time to understand certain concepts.

Children in Grade R receive two breaks every day. A brief break from 09:00 to 09:30 for snacks and a quick run about, followed by lunch from 10:30 to 11:30, including free play, fantasy play, sensory play, and educational play.

  • Curro navy blue shorts
  • Curro navy blue T-shirt
  • Curro Grade R tracksuit
  • Curro jersey, rain jacket and/or fleece are optional
  • House T-shirt
  • Tekkies with white or navy socks
  • A hat/cap is required on the playground and sports field
  • Girls’ hair accessories may only be white or navy blue
  • Boys’ hair must be short, neat, and tidy
  • All clothing items must be clearly labelled and can be bought through the GRIT online store.
Textbooks and stationery

The school will pre-order the required textbooks with parents billed in February to make it easier. Noting that new parents will be invoiced a month after enrolment.

Curro Mount Richmore will also send a stationery list to parents, urging them to buy the goods before the start of school in January 2022.

Learners who attend full-day aftercare receive a hot lunch, a snack in the afternoon, and a refreshing drink. Aftercare is available at an additional fee until 17:30 at the school. The application forms are available at reception for parents to fill out.

The school also provides a half-day programme until 15:00, which includes a hot lunch.


Curro Mount Richmore has an occupational therapist and a speech and language therapist on campus for an extra fee.

The school has a psychologist whose services are provided at no cost. It is convenient since your child may attend sessions in the morning, and it allows for a quick and regular connection between the therapists and the class teachers.

Formal schooling

Grade R is your child’s first year of formal education. However, children have a lot of fun during the year. This sees them baking, building, going on outings, and watching shows, to name a few activities. At the end of the year, they will be ready, independent, and self-confident enough to take the massive step into Grade 1.

Grade R is a very unique and crucial year in your child’s life, and Curro Mount Richmore is excited to meet your child. The school also encourages parents to get to know their child’s teacher, which opens up a communication channel.

What are your thoughts on Curro Mount Richmore’s Grade R offerings with all of the above in mind? 

Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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