Repair work to Memel Road continues; here’s the update

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Potholes on the R34, also known as the Memel Road, have been a source of concern for many years. That is until a group of concerned citizens decided to confront the issue head-on.

In October, Memel farmers, led by Beukes Willemse, launched a project to fill and repair potholes on the R34 in the Memel area, as reported by the Newcastillian – Online News. 

A noteworthy point; To ensure full compliance, the project will be completed in collaboration with the Free State Province Department of Roads.

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Furthermore, a month later, the hardworking farmers and their staff have repaired a significant stretch of damaged road, spanning from Bothas Pass to Memel.

However, the recent rainfall has hampered the initiative to some extent. But the team is not deterred from getting the job done. “We are closely monitoring the situation and closing holes as needed,” affirms Willemse.

Moreover, he adds that the Free State Province Department of Roads has assigned a contractor to assist with repairs. Empowering the project even further is the arrival of additional materials, including tar, expected within the next few days. 

Regarding the importance of having a functional, strategic main road, Koos Pieterse, President of Newcastle Sakekamer, states, “It is the fastest and most economic route for us. Anything in the market is north, west of Newcastle, especially Gauteng, North West Province, even Free State. From there, accessibility to the N1 down to the Cape and Eastern Cape, Northern Cape etcetera. This all makes the road essential.”

Additionally, the repairs ensure the road is more efficient and economical because motorists and businesses no longer have to take longer routes to do their work or travel.

According to Ziyaad Warasally of ER24, the repair work impacts emergency medical services as it reduces damage to ambulances while allowing for faster response time to incidents. 

“It will also possibly cut down on accidents, as some of the incidents come from people trying to avoid the potholes.”

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  1. Great work well done …cant see why the road deparment cant take money to fix the road as there must be a budget allocated for maintenance and revamp

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