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Gaining extraordinary momentum in record time, ActionSA, within a year, has struck a chord with millions of South Africans looking for ethical, non-racial leadership, according to the party’s Mayoral Elect in Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal, Faizel Cassim.

“Without having to even delve into the destruction, chaos, and calamity endured by us South Africans, as we all live it daily—over the past few decades our country in its entirety has fallen far down a dark hole, driving people from all race groups to emigrate, just take a look at current stats, people are fleeing,” announces Faizel.

He continues by saying, “At the rate, we are going, with the ANC in charge and violent leaders across the political spectrum who use poverty, the business sector, and fear as tools to control, the country is obviously destined to fail. Additionally, this form of gangster leadership is not only ridiculous but is abuse and we cannot and will not accept this anymore.”

As Faziel affirms, those of us here are the brave and courageous South Africans who love our country and do not want to leave all because of a failed political system. “But in order to make it a government with highly functional, service orientated, liquid municipalities—judged on result and run in accordance with the rule of law, an entirely new political culture must be brought to life and it is with ActionSA.”

Faizel Cassim

According to the Northern KwaZulu-Natal ActionSA frontman, it is now or never for Newcastle, the Amajuba District, and of course the country, as affirmed by the party’s President, Herman Mashaba, who said, “The country cannot survive another term with the ANC in power. Therefore, either the ANC survives or the country does, but the two cannot exist together.”

Spearheading and involved in mega feeding schemes, in-home Covid relief/care, community upliftment projects, the Community Policing Forum, and the political hemisphere, Faizel says that when taking a step back and looking at what we as Newcastle residents receive from the current leadership. “A person realises that we have accepted such deployable standards and service delivery for so long that somehow we have allowed public servants to become wealthy, terrifying people who to the average person on the street are just not an option in dealing with.”

This, as he points out, has led to even essential services like street cleaners, drinkable water, functional roads, housing, electricity bills, and more, all becoming a sad state of affairs locally.

Further stating, “Just a quick skim over various SA and local media products, or a scroll down a timeline on social media and you will see the endless heartache from Newcastle and Amajuba Residents who are left dealing with an ever failing system, blamed on previous administrations, run by mafia styled leadership. Saying this sentence out loud makes me wonder if old Newcastle Residents like myself ever thought we would see the day when the town was hanging on by a thread, filthy and worse for wear, to the point that KZN CoGTA has to assist the municipality, which is run by a mayor who is in and out of court?”

Moreover, Faizel smiles and says, “however, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s bright green.” Going on to say that over the past few months, the party in Newcastle and the Amajuba District has gained huge numbers, as ethical leadership and non-racialism have resonated with residents, plus people are seeing that the party, unlike others, is action-driven and already proving its worth throughout various communities. 

“Just like you, I am a person in need of a functional living and political environment removed from illegal behaviour, endless lying, and corruption. Join our family at ActionSA and make your mark come voting time. A few minutes in a voting booth changes years of persistent problems.”

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