ActionSA’s Herman Mashaba announces Newcastle’s Mayoral elect candidate at Blackrock

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Playing host to ActionSA’s leadership this past weekend, the political party’s president Herman Mashaba arrived in Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal, on Friday, 30 July 2021, to a gathering of jubilant supporters. Joined by the party’s National Chairperson, Michael Beaumont, and ActionSA’s KZN Chairperson, Dr Makhosi Khoza—the power trio engaged with several businesses affected during the looting. This while concurrently making two important announcements.

During the media briefing at Blackrock Casino, Mashaba reflected on ActionSA’s beginnings and the party’s rapid and consistent growth, stating that over 2,4 million South Africans of all races, searching for ethical leadership, had already signed up.

ActionSA’s President – Herman Mashaba

Following an insightful discussion, he further explained their visit’s two-fold purpose, stating that ActionSA is proud to announce they will be contesting both the Newcastle and KwaDukuza Municipalities in the upcoming elections. Noting, the Newcastle and KwaDukuza Municipalities become the fifth and sixth municipalities contested by ActionSA, alongside Johannesburg, Tshwane, Ekuhuleni and eThekwini. “Municipalities are where service delivery begins. While we have a major national problem, we need to be strategic and look at securing municipalities.”

According to the political party’s president, later re-affirmed by Dr Makhosi Khoza, the national problem results from the current ruling party, which they explain is comprehensively failing the country. Mashaba points out, “The country will not survive until 2024 with the ANC in power.”

ActionSA’s KZN Chairperson – Dr Makhosi Khoza

Furthermore, he emphasised that South Africa and the ANC cannot co-exist without the country being destroyed. Therefore, he feels it pivotal that ActionSA and its core values, such as non-racialism and ethical leadership, are urgently required to survive as a nation.

In light of this, with the political party placing their sights on Newcastle and Kwadakuza, the beloved and community-driven businessman, Faizel Cassim, was selected by the party to be the mayoral elect in Newcastle for ActionSA. Through Cassim, Mashaba truly believes the party’s core values will be put into place within the Newcastle community—uniting people from all walks of life, acting as one. “We all have a purpose in life and if we refuse to co-exist, there will be a price to be paid,” affirmed Mashaba. 

Moreover, the full of life Dr Makhosi Khoza explained, it was essential not to lose focus on who the country’s real enemy was. “It is not apartheid, it is the ANC engineered corruption which has successfully divided the society they claim to be advocating for.” With this in mind, she compared the ANC to a mafia-styled organisation destroying the very foundation of South Africa. Asserting Newcastle was no exception. 

With Cassim aiming to take the mayoral position in Newcastle, Dr Khoza highlighted that he would be taking on considerable responsibility, embarking on a quest to unite the respective races while jointly repairing the current situation within the town. She added, “We need to rebuild the country and we are going to start here in Newcastle, which is the belly of KZN.”

With the political party holding high hopes in rebuilding the embattled country, when questioned on what hope ActionSA could give to businesses who were on the verge of shutting their doors and leaving for distant shores, Mashaba explained, “I believe in being as honest as possible. At the moment it is difficult to provide hope.”

He said this was primarily due to a vast number of businesses and factories already closing down, alongside the negative implications of BEE, poor leadership, and unions abusing their power. However, Mashaba stressed, “We give you our word that we will do everything legally to remove the ANC.”

As ActionSA works on resolving the distress caused by the ruling party, Mashaba reminded South Africans that they also played an essential role in removing the ANC, which could be done at the upcoming elections. “Let us act as one to remove the ANC. I want to see people go out in numbers to cast their vote.”

Additionally, Dr Khoza reminded guests at the press briefing that through people casting their vote that apartheid ended and by making your mark, you can end the current, blatant corruption.

When questioned regarding possible further social unrest and violence if ActionSA was to win the upcoming elections, especially as South Africa is no stranger to political violence, Mashaba highlighted that if ActionSA were to take power, offenders would be swiftly dealt with, and little mercy would be shown to those guilty of inciting violence and corruption.

The reasoning for this, he said, lawbreakers have grown accustomed to no consequences for their actions. However, by bringing down the full might of the law on them, people would learn to respect the rule of law once again.

Following the media briefing, the second purpose of ActionSA’s leadership’s visit was meeting with businesses destroyed and looted during the civil unrest. These businesses included the Osizweni Boxer store, BuildRite, Theku Plaza, Madadeni Spar, Shoprite, and the Madadeni-based factories.

During the walkabout in the various areas and businesses, the party’s president commented, “It is like we are in a country after a war.” Furthermore, ActionSA feels the ANC must answer for the insurrection, and the unrest’s instigators must face charges for their treasonous acts.

Following a full day spent engaging with residents, ActionSA hosted an awards ceremony on Saturday evening, 31 July 2021, where businesses, public members, security companies and the CPF were acknowledged for their efforts in protecting the town. With medals and certificates handed out.

During the ceremony, handing out the awards, Cassim declared, “We want to thank all of you for defending the town, contributing to the efforts of keeping Newcastle standing.” Mashaba added, “This for me has been a deeply touching experience. I have been on the road since Wednesday (28 July 2021), going to Pietermaritzburg, Durban, and then coming to Newcastle. I did not realise the extent to which Newcastle had been affected. It touches me deeply, how the community came together. Often people receive recognition when they have died, but it is heart-warming to see people receive acknowledgment when they are alive.”

He further enthused how, as the country is currently in a state of disarray, standing on the tipping point, people no longer had the privilege to sit on the fence. “I am grateful that the people of Newcastle stood up. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for standing up and saying not in my name. I am inspired by what the people of Newcastle did, at the cost of their and their family’s time.”

Concluding, Dr Khoza further thanked Cassim and his family for their unwavering efforts, working with the community of Newcastle and upholding the core values of ActionSA. Both the party’s president and Dr Khoza affirmed their confidence in Cassim, noting his continued efforts in uplifting Newcastle along with his dedication to seeing the town and all its people thrive.

With Newcastillians showcasing responsible citizenry and refusing to give in to evil, she added, “We are proud of everyone and we look forward to returning Newcastle to its former glory. Thank you!”

As ActionSA is determined to create a unified South Africa, build up a broken economy, and hold political figures accountable for their actions, what are your thoughts? 

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