Chatting with ActionSA’s Faizel Cassim on his life, views, and Newcastle


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The always welcoming, full of life Faizel Cassim moved to Newcastle 17 years ago, where the now grandfather submerged himself into the local community—enhancing himself as a businessman and devoted philanthropist, uplifting individuals and institutes alike along his journey, and according to him, he has just begun.

Now, as the pandemic leaves people’s lives in tatters, with thousands unemployed, Faizel finds himself reaching out to more people than ever before, along with supporting charitable organisations such as Home Meah, St Anthony Child and Youth Care Centre, coupled with assisting multiple children requiring urgent medical treatment.

And when diving even deeper into the involvement of this Newcastillian and his loving wife, Razia, Faizel explains, “We are involved in feeding schemes, reaching out to 1 200 people per month. We started this after seeing a number of people begging for food and after talking to some of them, I discovered there were some people selling their furniture and clothing, simply so they could eat and support their families. With the unemployment rate on the rise, it is only getting worse.”

Moreover, along with initiatives such as their blanket drive and accumulating winter clothes for the less fortunate, Faizel and Razia also collect toys for destitute children. “The toys are to keep the children busy and their minds off the situation they are in,” he says.

Additionally, Faizel and Razia distribute multiple food hampers to people in Newcastle. “We are very dependent on sponsors with the food hampers, and if anyone would like to contribute, the food hampers cost R140.76 at North City. You can even pay for the hamper there, using mine (Faizel) or Razia’s names.”

As a trending political figurehead throughout the area, he aims to do more than merely feeding the hungry or giving out blankets. This proud South African is focused on tangible solutions and not just being another political voice. His goal, just like with his businesses and philanthropy, is to uplift and transform the Amajuba District through ActionSA.

As a father of three, and a grandfather of two, Faizel found himself drawn to the political world, searching to create a better life for others. “I joined ActionSA, because of the core values of the party and I feel it can take SA to another level.”

One of the core values of ActionSA is non-racialism, which Faizel believes needs to be brought to the forefront in the country. “27 years later, I do not feel the nation should still be segregated by race. We need to act as one, irrespective of race or culture, for the prosperity of our community and country.”

Moreover, Faizel’s plans for the future involve improving Newcastle, creating a new culture, one where the bond between the various societies are bridged, and everyone works towards a common goal. As a family-orientated individual, by bridging the current gaps within the communities, a culture of family can be created. “Family is what keeps you straight, it is your foundation and that is why ActionSA is so important for me, I want a better future for everyone’s family.”

Speaking on the local governmental entity, the ActionSA frontman states, he has noted several infringements within the Newcastle Municipality. “These irregularities have caused an economic crisis within our community,” Further highlighting, Newcastle’s infrastructure is literally on the precipice of collapse, leaving residents in a predicament that can no longer be ignored. As a result thereof, he is determined to see Newcastle and its surroundings flourish, with the local municipality transforming into a thriving entity, praised instead of consistently questioned—having residents be proud of their surroundings and infrastructure.

Moreover, during his 17 years in Newcastle, Cassim explains that it was a town that he found beautiful and clean when he arrived—a secondary city holding mass potential. This, he says, has unfortunately changed. “We used to be one of the best towns in KZN, but drugs have now taken over our children’s livelihoods, alcohol abuse is at its highest level and crime is the worst it has ever been.”

In conclusion, Faizel thanks all the volunteers who have stood by ActionSA’s side over the past few months. Anyone who would like to join ActionSA can do so by registering via the following link:

As Faizel Cassim plans to paint Newcastle and its surroundings green with ActionSA, what are your thoughts?

Share your views in the comment section below.

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3 thoughts on “Chatting with ActionSA’s Faizel Cassim on his life, views, and Newcastle

  1. The reason I joined Actionsa is because firstly of Fazil Cassim , knowing what he is doing and what more he can do once elected, and thereafter the core values of actionsa , we need to vote to make changes , rather than not vote and say to ourselves the problem is with the current government, no vote and give actionsa a chance what do u have to loose ,

  2. I beg the people of Newcastle to give Action SA their vote in the upcoming municipal elections I know we can make a difference let us prove it to u

  3. Hey ambassador are you guys contesting for LGE nd if so ActionSA is backing you? Do you have free t shirts or do you have donors or ActionSA is providing?

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