ActionSA’s Newcastle Mayoral Elect on the future of the town


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Coming as a surprise announcement late into ActionSA’s national campaign, the political party’s president, Herman Mashaba, announced that Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal, had struck a chord with him and its ActionSA mayoral candidate, Faizel Cassim. Further stating, after a visit to the NKZN area, he viewed the up-and-coming city as a critical municipality to obtain, placing significant emphasis on commandeering it in the next elections.

Therefore in light of the announcement, ActionSA’s Newcastle’s Mayoral Elect candidate states, “The sense of elation and excitement that coursed through me, when President Mashaba announced that he, along with the full might of the party, would be focussing on Newcastle. A moment that will stay with me for all my years.”

As, according to Faizel, the change in leadership required in Newcastle is no secret. “It is not like Newcastle residents are oblivious to the running issues and concerning levels of politics and corruption dissolving any hope of bettering the communities. Let alone the state of the town and its continued leadership challenges.”

But, as noted by him, with the president visiting Newcastle, engaging with multiple businesses and people from all walks of life—”Mr Mashaba was able to experience first hand some of the issues, leading to him stating that Newcastle has resonated deeply with him and therefore will, with the backing of his entire political party, see ActionSA advance Newcastle.”

However, as the chosen candidate by ActionSA, coming with the full faith of Herman Mashaba and the party’s top brass, just who is Faizel Cassim, and why would he make a good mayor?

“As many will attest to, my family and I have been and always will be involved in assisting our communities and all who call Newcastle home. From feeding schemes to COVID in-home assistance, we are there continually driving projects across the area. This takes up much of the free time we might have, but when not in and about the community, I run my own businesses and work closely with various key groups and organisations for the betterment of the town.” Yet, as Faizel points out, there is just so much to get done, and the weeks only hold so many hours. This, coupled with being limited as an average citizen, is why he pursued a career in local politics.

“You know what I am talking about, as a Newcastle resident. It is like the town was placed on an embankment and, over the years, has slid down and with it our development and way of life. As a father, this town used to be safe and a beautiful, clean point of pride. People like myself would brag about our home town when visiting other parts of the country. And now today, we are faced with obstacles and unjust behaviour like something out of a novel,” states Faizel.

Moreover, the local ActionSA frontman affirms that in the spirit of true transparency and as per the parties core values, being non-racialism and ethical leadership, to name a few, he and his wife Razia are ready to chat with any residents as they believe that only through all races, genders, and ages working together can tangible change be achieved.

In concluding, Faizel says, “I am not a politician; I am a South African who, like you, is “Gatvol of politics” and all that has come with it over the years. It is only with your assistance that ActionSA can bring about real change, where integrity and the rule of law are respected, and the municipality runs in the green. A home to all, where we can focus on building the economy, clean out the corrupt once and for all and get investors back into the area that benefits all people. This is going to be a mammoth task, but by you casting your vote, we can make this dream and hope of a better tomorrow a living reality.”

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  1. Drastic change required like yesterday, unfortunately elections, as everything else postponed. Hopefully Action SA will bring that required change. Blessings.

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