Andries Willemse, building a solid foundation with Centoscape


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The construction industry is one that is built on a solid foundation. Whether it is the construction of a home or a business establishment, construction companies assist greatly in the development of their respective towns.

One such construction company is Centoscape Developers & Construction, a construction company that has become a part of the Newcastle community over the past decade.

At the helm of the construction company stands Andries Willemse. A man who has a vision to not only bring quality construction and efficient service, but to build a solid foundation within the community.

Registering Centoscape as a business in 2008 and bringing it to Newcastle in 2010, word quickly spread about the construction man with a heart. But where does he come from? How was Centoscape born?

“After school, I went to study to become a plumber and qualified in 1990. I then worked at the railway homes in the Western Cape, before going to the mines as a plumber.”

In 1992, Andries changed professions when he applied to become a traffic officer in Johannesburg.

“I applied and was accepted in 1992. I then worked in Johannesburg for a year, before going back to the Western Cape and working as a traffic officer there for another 14 years.”

While enjoying his career as a traffic officer, he yearned for the profession he initially chose. “I decided to go into construction, starting first with plumbing. From there, I learned everything from building houses to electrical work.”

In 2010, he moved to Newcastle where set up his offices for Centoscape. Offering a wide variety of services, Andries does plumbing, roof repairs, dry walling and even installs JoJo tanks and pumps.

Through the years, he has built the Madadeni Fire Station and helped with the Provincial Hospital’s plumbing.

What does he enjoy about his profession?

“I enjoy interacting with different people. I’m not in this for the money. I love my work and I will help someone that is less fortunate where I can.”

Andries also does a lot of handy work, remedying household issues some might have. “No job is too big or small for me.”

As a man who cares about others, Andries is truly paving the way to a new era of construction.

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One thought on “Andries Willemse, building a solid foundation with Centoscape

  1. Centoscape does excellent work. Andries and his team get the job done the right way, as quickly and efficiently as possible. They are always there to give advice . They also respond to any emergency work needed, not charging an arm and a leg.
    Thank you Centoscape for doing some maintenance upgrades for me. Will definitely know who to call when work needs to be done in the future.

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