Newcastle bids farewell to Cas Prinsloo, a leader in education

“Holding an array of accolades and achievements within the education sector, Cas Prinsloo, a proud Newcastle KwaZulu-Natal resident, passed on last week.”



How To

Classifying criminals and their behaviour with two professionals

“Approaching two professionals submerged in the criminal world, Jan van Rensburg of Magenta Security, and for security reasons, a source who cannot be named from the Justice Department with 22 years experience—we learn what to look out for when identifying various criminals and their behaviour.”



Newcastle’s Clothing and Textile Industry to pick up pieces and rebuild

“On 14 July 2021, the Newcastillian – Online News reported how multiple factories situated in Madadeni had been looted and others burned. At the time of the article being published, Alex Liu, member of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, explained that many of the owners of the affected factories did not intend to re-open, and this would potentially see between 6000 to 8000 people losing their jobs.”



Travel & Tourism

Owner of De Hoop Collection and Chairman of Cape Country Routes, discusses the transformation of tourism

“With international terminals collecting dust and countries further restricting travel to our bushveld luxury businesses, the dependency on local markets has become paramount to keeping the doors open. However, how are these lavish resorts changing?”


SA Government

KZN Municipalities

Newcastle Mayor continues duties despite criminal charges

“ANC Newcastle Mayor, Ntuthuko Mahlaba, is facing a string of charges, including theft, assault, and malicious damage to property.”

Durban Municipality states R20b expected in losses

“Working to rebuild both the economy and destroyed infrastructure, government officials are now assessing the full extent of what is required.”

KZN Mayors give commitments as services begin to resume

“According to a recent meeting, the Province’s Mayors have committed to mobilising resources in response to the immediate needs faced by communities, following the attacks on economic hubs and small towns.”

Newcastle Mayor vows to support textile industry, as jobs hang in the balance

“On Friday, 16 July 2021, the KwaZulu-Natal Legislature and the Amajuba District family of municipalities (Newcastle, Dannhauser and Emadlangeni) visited the affected vandalised, looted businesses in the greater parts of KwaZulu-Natal.”

Amajuba District Mayor holds Urgent Safety Forum and commends community for efforts

“Despite concerns, Newcastillians across the province refuse to stand by and allow looters to win, joining forces in their hordes with security companies and police—forming a united, armed rainbow nation.”

Raw sewage flows into Ncandu River, following maintenance work on Van Der Bijl Street, Newcastle Municipality responds

“Situated between the Harding Cemetery and Van der Bijl Street, a dirty secret is being hidden from the Newcastle community.”