Newcastle supercops recover close to R12 million’s stolen vehicles

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The South African Police Service (SAPS) often receives criticism from the community. However, there are police officers who show immense tenacity in their duties.

Two such Newcastle Police officers are Warrant Officer Matthew Rose and Sergeant Ntokozo Mncube, who are responsible for the recovery of over 78 stolen vehicles, with an estimated value of over R11 million.

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Newcastle SAPS spokesperson, Lizzy Arumugam explained that the two highly dedicated police officers joined the Newcastle Highway Patrol in October 2021.

“These two members have made multiple successes. The successes included arrests for housebreaking and the arrest of murder suspects. They were also tasked to patrol N11 and R34 Highways and other parts of Amajuba District,” explained Arumugam. 

During this time, she further highlighted that Warrant Officer Rose and Sergeant Mncube successfully recovered more than 78 stolen and hijacked vehicles in and around the Amajuba District in less than four months.

Furthermore, Arumugam added that the two officers’ latest success included a recovered truck, stolen in Perdekop during a business robbery. She explained that police were at the business’s premises in the Manzana area of Osizweni, processing the scene when Rose and Mncube discovered the stolen truck at a homestead.

The two officers were also involved in locating a vehicle that was stolen in Dundee. Working with Tracker SA and Vehicle Crime Investigation Unit (VCIU), Arumugam noted that the officers recovered the vehicle in Osizweni, a mere 40 minutes later and arrested the suspect behind the crime. 

In addition to this, the two officers also played a key role in the case where the Alberton mother, Lesedi Radebe and her infant son went missing during the month of June 2022. While both were found, Warrant Officer Rose and Sergeant Mncube helped bring closure to Radebe’s distraught family.

The Newcastillian – Online News and Pixelfish Marketing commend Warrant Officer Rose and Sergeant Mncube’s dedication, you are what cops should be every day.

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19 thoughts on “Newcastle supercops recover close to R12 million’s stolen vehicles

  1. WO Rose worked under my command when I was in the police he is one of the most dedicated and loyal member I have ever met good work guys

  2. Increase their salaries and task them to teach others to do the same. May God protect them because their colleagues will envy them to the point of killing them.. Police Service was captured long time ago by thugs in Government and outside of Government.

  3. Above and beyond the call of duty both of them should be give the freedom off Newcastle plus a free holiday for them and there family who don’t know when they leave if they might not come bank come on people of Newcastle we need more officers like them

  4. I am very impressed by the work of these 2 officials, may they continue working hard to drive criminals out of our small town.👏👏

  5. I’m proudl to be a Newcastle citizen and salute to the 2 dedicated police and may God protect them and their families

  6. Wow!!!! People like you gives us a glimmer of hope on this lawless country of ours!!!
    Thank you so much!!!

  7. Wow!!!! People like you gives us a glimmer of hope in this lawless country of ours!!!
    Thank you so much!!!

  8. Thank you so much to these high esteemed people. If the police know that we are vulnerable all the way without their proper service. God will bless them and their families. An incentive for this act would be encouraging good work.

  9. Proud to have such dedicated officers in Newcastle. Keep up the good work and serve as role models .

  10. Thank you gentlemen for your dedication, and I pray God’s protection over you, may He hide you from the evil one. May he give you continued wisdom and incite in all your endeavors.You two make us hopeful that change is coming into the police force, and that good work ethic is vital and pays off.You make me proud to be a newcastillian. Bless you both.

  11. ATM Fraudsters are working freely ,scamming people on especially ABSA ATMs. Then they chill in liquor shops. They are NEVERafraid of Police.Newcasle.

  12. I wish that even my stolen car was recovered in so many cars that were found,where to go in order to see those recovered cars plz!?

  13. You dont get such dedicated police officials these days keep up the good work and lead others to do the same so that people can trust the police force again.We need this to believe that police can do something about crime if they are dedicated enough to do so.Keep up the good work and never give up because their is thousands that have good heart’s who stands behind you.Thanks

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