Man drops dead on Kirkland Street, Newcastle

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Pedestrians and motorists travelling along Kirkland Street on Monday afternoon, 9 May 2022, were exposed to a deceased man laying on the pavement.

According to paramedics on the scene, the man was seen pushing a trolley along the sidewalk, when he suddenly collapsed.

“We received the call at 13:34 pm, but when we arrived a few minutes later, the deceased had already passed away,” explained the paramedic.

The exact cause of the man’s death is unclear at present. But further investigations into the matter are underway.

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2 thoughts on “Man drops dead on Kirkland Street, Newcastle

  1. One of my greatest fears is dying like this. I had an episode 2 weeks back at old mutual arcade I had a panic attack. I thought I was dying. I hope He didn’t suffer. 🙁

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