Schools to soon start offering learners licences, affirms Motshekga

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South African school curriculums will potentially soon see children of age able to receive learner licences at school. 

Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga has highlighted that her department is currently working with the Road Traffic Corporation Management Corporation (RTMC) to offer learner licences at schools across the country.

During a recent parliamentary Q&A, Motshekga was asked whether her department has ever considered the idea of incorporating learner’s licences into schools, thereby seeing learners leave school able to obtain their driver’s licenses that much easier. In response, Motshekga said that her department had considered the matter. 

Furthermore, the agreement between the Department of Basic Education and the RTMC will include both classroom lessons and formal accreditation through the RTMC.

“Learner Road Safety education has been incorporated in the Open Source Life Orientation Textbooks. The department is collaborating with Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) in ensuring that learners can exit the schooling system having obtained a learner driver’s licence.”

However, the initiative is seeing a delay due to financial constraints. 

According to Motshekga, her department has signed a Collaborative Protocol with the RTMC, an agency of the Department of Transport on Learner Road Safety. Learner Driver education is incorporated in the protocol.

“The RTMC is the authority in the issuing of learner and drivers licensing, and they have limited budget and resources to implement this programme. The two Departments share plans as required by the protocol and this is priority in the joint programmes,” she highlighted.

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