St Dominics Newcastle extends a helping paw to Newcastle SPCA

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St Dominics Newcastle has stepped up to ensure that various homeless dogs will be adopted while ensuring that the Newcastle SPCA receives the support it deserves.

Gary de Jager of St Dominics Newcastle explains why the drive is essential.

“At St Dominics, we strive to cultivate a culture of service and giving back in our learners. Also, our mascot is a dog. Not many are aware of the connection between dogs and St Dominics Newcastle, but a dog plays an important role in the history of Saint Dominic.”

According to legend, the Dominican dog was inspired by a vision St Dominic’s mother had before she gave birth to him. Struggling with infertility, she was making a pilgrimage to the Abbey of Domingo de Silo in Spain when she dreamed that a dog jumped from her womb, holding a torch and set everything around them on fire.

Soon after the dream, she and her husband had a son, whom they named after the 11th century St Dominic of Silos, after whom the abbey she had visited was named.

Because dogs were so important to Saint Dominic, the independent school has a canine on its school badge.

“We have decided to start a new initiative this year called, “Adopt-a-dog” in conjunction with the Newcastle SPCA. With this initiative, we plan on giving back to the animals of our community,” Gary explains.

This year, the school’s goal is to adopt at least 12 dogs, one every month.

One of the dogs that St Dominics Newcastle is determined to help is Madison (Madi). Madi, a mixed breed, is about a year old. She is very energetic and loves playing with our other office dogs, and does not appear to have a problem with cats either.

She enjoys company, and it doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s two-legged or four-legged – as long as she’s getting attention.

Moreover, Madi was discovered behind a local mall with a wire wrapped around her throat. Injured and in need of assistance, a security guard and a community member rushed to Madi’s aid and contacted the SPCA.

The SPCA came to pick her up and ensured she received the help she needed. Madi is lovable and forgiving enough to accept human company despite her ordeal.

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Gary explains that, in addition to getting dogs adopted, St Dominics Newcastle is planning a BarkRun at the school in March. He points out, “On the day, people will be able to bring their dogs and take them on a trail, which we will set up prior to the event. There will also be stalls for people to enjoy.”

However, as Gary points out, the day’s primary goal will be to raise funds and collect donations for the SPCA and raise awareness for the local animal-based organisation.

“Because our mascot is a dog, we feel it is our responsibility to care for the animals in our community,” Gary concludes.

Will you join St Dominics Newcastle in supporting this love-filled cause? Anyone interested in donating to the school can contact Gary de Jager at

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