This week’s updated KwaZulu-Natal dam levels

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Over the past week, heavy rains swept across KwaZulu-Natal, significantly increasing the province’s dam levels. However, the Department of Water and Sanitation still pleads for people to use water sparingly. 

Furthermore, the provinces’ levels have risen to 78.5% this week, up from 74.9% last week. This was revealed in the Department of Water and Sanitation’s weekly report on the state of the country’s reservoirs.

Sputnik Ratau, the department’s spokesperson, says that while the rain has been beneficial to dam levels, families’ loss of life and displacement is regrettable.

“We would like to offer our sincere condolences to the families of the 24 people who lost their lives,” Ratau said.

Moving to the state of the dams, Ratau stated that most of the dams had shown significant increases, with many reaching the 100% mark.

Mearns (115,5%), Spioenkop (102,2%) and Midmar (101,1%) are just some of the dams that reached full capacity. Woodstock almost made it to full capacity, landing at 96,1%, a huge jump from last week’s 92,4%.”

Ratau added that Albert-Falls also showed a significant increase, rising from 57.2% to 97.5%.

Zaaihoek Dam and Bivane Dam remain unchanged, with 75.4% and 72.9%, respectively.

Declining, Nagle dam now stands at 97,5% from 100,2% last week, joined by Hluhluwe at 76,1% with a marginal decrease from 76,7%.

  • Goedetrouw is 76.15%, up from 75.4% last week.
  • Driel Barrage remains unchanged at 87.2%.
  • Craige Burn dam levels are 101.3%, up from 101% last week.
  • Ntshingwayo Dam (Chelmsford Dam) increased to 66.8% from 65.1% last week.
  • Spring Grove increased from 88.8% last week to 94.9% this week.

Concluding, Ratau reiterated the department’s commitment to fast-track bulk water projects to ensure water security and called on residents to use water sparingly.

“We wish to continue reminding South Africans that, although we have had heavy rains, it is still important to continue to conserve water.”

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