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Ballito-based private school Curro Mount Richmore provides you with easy to use, comprehensive study guides to ramp up those marks.

Let’s get studying!

When it comes to studying for exams and tests, the benefits of a healthy diet cannot be overstated. Therefore, Curro Mount Richmore recommends the following brain-friendly foods during exam times: 

Making use of Mind Maps as a study tool

Mind Mapping is a valuable technique for supporting learning and improving information recording. Additionally, Mind Mapping also demonstrates how various facts and ideas are related and enhances creative problem-solving.

Mind Maps also appeal to your senses with visual elements such as images, branch colours, and curved branches that add emphasis and help you remember your notes.

Assisting you in getting started, Curro Mount Richmore demonstrates how to make a mind map to help you with your studies.

Using flashcards as a study aid.

Flashcards are purposefully designed to improve and encourage active recall. When used correctly, flashcards allow learners to interact with information in a way that helps them remember it. Therefore, Curro Mount Richmore demonstrates how to make these awesome study assets.

How to make the most of your study breaks

Taking a quick break from your studies is critical to ensuring that you are not overwhelmed by the reams of information required for exams and tests. 

Get the most out of your breaks with Curro Mount Richmore.

As Matriculants undertake their examinations, bringing their high school journey to an end, Curro Mount Richmore offers valuable guidance on how to maneuverer through this stressful period.

Study tips for High School learners
  • Work out a study timetable and enough time allocated for all subjects.
  • Organise your information and make notes.
  • Set yourself clear and defined goals.
  • Make use of your teachers – they are your best resource.
  • Be diligent. Sit at a desk and work for the allocated time.
  • Stay motivated!
  • Remember to eat healthily and exercise – more oxygen to the brain helps.
  • Manage your time well, with studying and when writing your examinations.
  • Take a break from social media.
  • Get a good night’s sleep before an exam.

Armed with tons of information, the Curro Mount Richmore family wishes you all the success in the world during the exams. Share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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