Mediclinic Newcastle welcomes Neurologist Dr Cait-Lynn Wells


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In line with the private hospital’s continued renowned advancements—Mediclinic Newcastle is delighted to welcome Newcastle born Neurologist, Dr Cait-Lynn Wells to their team.

Introducing us, Dr Wells explains that as a young girl growing up in Newcastle, she knew that her future lay in the medical field. “I would say from my primary school days in Grade 2, I knew I wanted to become a doctor. I didn’t fully understand at the time what being a doctor meant. But I knew I wanted to help people when they are at their most vulnerable.”

After matriculating, Dr Wells took the first step in her journey, completing her undergrad at the University of the Free State in 2009. From there, she went on to the College of Medicine of South Africa, where she concluded her Fellowship. 

Thereafter the doctor achieved her Master’s Degree at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in 2019.

After finishing her studies, Dr Wells interned at Upington Hospital and Madadeni Hospital before moving to Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, to specialise.

Reflecting on why she decided to pursue a career as a Neurologist, Dr Wells explains that she studied neuroscience during her third year at medical school and immediately fell in love with the subject. The doctor states that not only is it an ever-developing science. But it is a field where a medical professional can look at a patient, discover the root of their specific issue and work on it.

Having acquired extensive experience in Pietermaritzburg, the doctor is set to return to her roots in Newcastle as of 1 November 2021

In light of this, Dr Wells points out, “I always wanted to come back and during my time in Pietermaritzburg, I realised there was a need for specialists in Newcastle.”

Furthermore, Dr Wells and Neurosurgeon Dr Thamsanqa Buthelezi’s power duo at Mediclinic Newcastle ensures that residents do not travel extensive distances for advanced medical treatment.

As Dr Wells now prepares to join Mediclinic Newcastle, she affirms that she is enthusiastic about working with the distinguished private hospital group. Looking to the future and her time in Newcastle, the doctor says she has several plans that she would like to see come to fruition. 

“I would like and try and help people with a range of neurological disorders for example establishment of a stroke unit, assisting people with Parkinson’s Disease just to mention a few, and try assist the community of Newcastle,” she concludes.

Join Mediclinic Newcastle in welcoming Newcastle’s very own Neurologist back home, Dr Cait-Lynn Wells, in true Newcastillian fashion.

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One thought on “Mediclinic Newcastle welcomes Neurologist Dr Cait-Lynn Wells

  1. It is absolutely wonderful. I suffer from Cervical Dystonia and have to travel to Richards Bay for my 3 monthly treatment. When I read Parkinsons on her CV I knew she would know about movement disorders.
    I would like to contact her for an appointment to discuss treatment and if she will be able to apply my specialised treatment

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