Men vs women, who has the worst oral hygiene?

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When it comes down to the battle of the sexes, the proverbial war between the genders rages on regarding who has the worst oral hygiene? Searching for answers, the Newcastillian – Online News approached seasoned Dentist, Dr Navindra Raman.

Sporting over 23 years of experience in dentistry, the beloved Dr Raman assisted us in putting this argument to bed, once and for all.

Laughing, the dentist, off the bat, declares that men have the worst oral hygiene. But when looking at the facts, Dr Raman highlights several interesting points between the two sexes.

He explains that studies show a women’s spontaneous oral hygiene is higher than that of men. But, Dr Raman points out, this does not mean men’s oral hygiene is deplorable. In fact, he says that “Men and women have different healthcare requirements and factors that affect their oral health decisions.”

According to him, men’s need for oral care increase when they cannot eat, while women are more concerned when they cannot smile.

Dr Raman adds that people must also remember, “Girls teeth erupt earlier than boys, hence they are exposed to caries (cavity) causing agents from a younger age.”

In addition to this, he explains that women also tend to snack more, and during pregnancy, they are often prone to gingivitis due to hormonal changes. On top of this, women are also prone to other infections if they have a hormonal imbalance.

“Men on the other hand tend to consume more energy and sports drinks, which are high in sugar. Men also smoke more than women.”

When looking at the act of oral healthcare, the dentist states that women floss and brush their teeth more frequently than men do. Because they are more conscious of tooth loss. “Men brush their teeth harder than women, which is the cause of abrasions and periodontal problems,” he declares.

Moreover, according to Dr Raman, when visiting the dentist, women are more responsible with their oral health. “Women visit the dentist for an acute problem, and men ignore their oral health, and thus, have higher periodontal and other healthcare problems.”

With Dr Raman settling this age-old debate, What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you agree, and what is the worst case of oral hygiene you have witnessed?

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