62-year-old rape victim shares feelings, following rapist’s sentencing

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Despite the fact that her rapist was sentenced to life in prison, a 62-year-old rape victim is living in fear.

The 34-year-old culprit was recently condemned to life in prison by the Madadeni Regional Court. His identity cannot be released, as to safeguard the victim’s identity.

Natasha Kara, a spokesman for the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), describes the December 2019 rape.

“The man and the victim were neighbours and they lived in the Osizweni area. On the night of the offence, she was asleep in her home when he broke in. He threatened her with a knife and raped her before leaving the scene.”

After then, the victim went to the police to report the incident. Throughout the investigations, DNA samples were taken. Soon after the crime, the individual was arrested.

“During the trial, the man denied the offence, however, he was positively linked by DNA analysis,” Kara explains.

Eddie Mbewu, the Regional Court Prosecutor, also led the first report (from the victim’s neighbour) and the testimony of the medical practitioner. A Victim Impact Statement was also presented to the court by Mbewu.

The victim stated she was still plagued by the occurrence in her statement, which she drafted with the assistance of the Court Preparation Officer, Sthembile Cebekhulu. She’s scared of being alone now, and she’s always checking behind her. Furthermore, the victim expresses her distrust of males and her embarrassment.

The individual was found guilty and given the appropriate punishment.

“The National Prosecuting Authority welcomes the successful finalisation of this matter,” Kara concludes.

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One thought on “62-year-old rape victim shares feelings, following rapist’s sentencing

  1. The rapist should be hanged by the very same part of his body that He used to make his Victim’s life a nightmare forever!!!

    Bring the death penalty back!!!

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