Two-year-old Tyler Moore needs your help today

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As little Tyler Moore closes in on his third birthday, he has endured hardships many children his age are unfamiliar with.

“Tyler was born at Mediclinic, and during my pregnancy, everything was fine”. His mother, Wendy Moore, explains that Tyler was to be born a healthy baby boy in 2018. That is until she had to go for an emergency c-section. “During the 3D scan, the doctor saw that one of his kidneys was enlarged.”

The rapidly unfolding chain of events led Wendy and her husband to travel to Durban, where a doctor explained that Tyler would be fine. However, when he was born, the little boy’s family was in for a shock.

As Tyler was everything but fine.

He was born with a liver disease, which doctors told the family would kill him. Sadly, the hits kept coming, with doctors informing his parents that Tyler also had a heart condition, with two holes in his heart. 

Additionally, the young man has a narrowing of the main artery along with kidneys that only function at approximately 50%.

Forming part of Tyler’s story, he also has issues with his eyes. One eye grew halfway, with coloboma, while he has no eye on the right-hand side of his face. He also had jaundice shortly after his birth.

Facing overwhelming odds, Wendy explains that they were informed Tyler would not be able to undergo heart surgery to repair his heart, as his liver would not allow the operation to be a success. He would also not be able to receive a liver transplant due to him being a high-risk patient.

Tyler also has a deficient immune system, which scares his family, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic still raging.

Determined to see him lead a healthy life, Tyler’s family has visited numerous doctors. The little guy has already dealt with a liver biopsy, grommets and hernia ops.

Sadly, as Wendy states, “The doctors told us to simply spend as much time with him as possible.” However, Tyler has proven to be a fighter, his quick smile resonating that love and compassion are essential in life.

Furthermore, Tyler’s heart and liver have started healing, but his family still have several unanswered questions despite this. The main being, what type of syndrome is affecting him. The answer to this burning question being answered recently.

Wendy explains that due to his condition, Tyler has to go for physiotherapy regularly. “During one physio session, I saw one of his legs was shorter than the other.”

On 27 July 2021, Tyler went for a hip operation, where he had both his legs broken so that they could be aligned with his hips. Wendy adds, “His groin tendons had to be loosened so his legs wouldn’t cross anymore, and botox put into his muscles to strengthen them so he can have a chance to sit, crawl and walk.”

Not long after the operation, Tyler was diagnosed with Lenz Syndrome.

This is an extremely rare disorder, characterised by abnormal smallness of one or both eyes (microphthalmos), sometimes with droopy eyelids (blepharoptosis), resulting in visual impairment or blindness.

Eye problems may include coloboma, microcornea, and glaucoma. Some affected infants may have a complete absence of the eyes (anophthalmia). 

Most affected infants have developmental delays and intellectual disabilities, ranging from mild to severe. Other physical abnormalities associated with this disorder can include an unusually small head (microcephaly) and malformations of the teeth, ears, fingers or toes, skeleton, and genitourinary system. The range and severity of findings vary from case to case. 

While Tyler still can’t talk, crawl or walk, not without a lack of trying, he is a happy little boy, always willing to share a quick smile.

However, while Tyler has faced his share of adversity, his journey is not yet over. 

Trying to chip away at the challenges, his family is facing a massive issue. Following the hip operation, Wendy explains that they are facing a bill of R31 000 that their family’s medical aid will not cover.

“He still has to go back to have the plates removed. I’m not sure when the bills will end, but my son still needs so much more help, and I won’t give up. He has a cleft pallet which might need to be fixed, speech therapy, physiotherapy, maybe eye operations if the doctors can do anything and who knows what else.”

With this in mind, Wendy is looking to the community for support in order to assist with the medical costs. Through people’s generosity, the Moore family can tackle the high medical bills and ensure Tyler, who turns three years old in October 2021, has a chance to lead a better life.

People can either support Tyler by accessing the following Backabuddy link:

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  1. Let’s hope that the people of Newcastle will find it in their hearts to help the wee man. I know I have!

    Challenging all the dad’s out there to make a donation…

    Please update the article with their bank details!

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