Newcastle businessman begins repairs to Memel Road

Transforming from an age-old problem to a life-threatening subject plaguing motorists—the Memel Road’s deplorable condition is now joyfully on the path to recovery, thanks to a kind-hearted businessman’s determination to save lives while bringing about positive change. This follows Muhammed Paruk of Phumaphambili Logistics and his team undertaking an initiative to repair the infamous road.

Beginning their task on Tuesday, 16 February 2021, Paruk explains the inspiration for the project was born, following an article published by the Newcastillian – Online News on 1 February 2021

The aforementioned article focused on the challenges and dangers faced by paramedics when using the main road. He says, “The article touched my heart, and I thought, what if my family were travelling on the road and required medical assistance? Or, what if an ambulance was transporting one of my family members and they hit a pothole and had to stop for help?”

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With the above in mind, Paruk immediately took it upon himself to begin the necessary repair work. Deploying a team of his employees, the labour started near Botha’s Pass, with the workers now restoring the damaged road for 100km. “I feel at the end of the day; this is all about saving people’s lives. Not too long ago, I saw three women stuck on the side of the road, looking for help after they hit one of the potholes, and I could not help but think, what if it were my wife?”

Expounding more on the project, Errol Wade, one of Paruk’s employees, states, “It is an amazing feeling being able to make a positive difference. We have had a few people stop us, thanking us for our efforts.” This, Mr Paruk highlights, forms part of his and his team’s outlook. “We care about people’s lives, and it makes me feel good, knowing we can make a difference.”

As the Phumaphambili Logistics team works towards the betterment and safety of countless lives, Jan-Henk van Vuuren of Watco Emergency Services extends his heartfelt gratitude. “I would like to thank them for the life-saving initiative, as it will provide our patients with more comfort and minimise injuries when transporting them along the road. It will also improve our response time.”

Currently, Van Vuuren stresses paramedics’ response time is hampered tremendously by the horrid condition of the road. Furthermore, he adds, “Then there is the cost factor of repairing damages to our vehicles. On Sunday, 14 February 2021, three of my ambulance’s tyres were damaged by the potholes.”

With Phumaphambili Logistics taking proactive steps to improve the Memel Road, Paruk now encourages others to follow suit and play a positive role in the community.

What are your thoughts on this sincere act of kindness? Share your views with us in the comment section below, and be sure to send the team at Phumaphambili Logistics some love. 

25 thoughts on “Newcastle businessman begins repairs to Memel Road

  1. As a First Responder from Memel, its a huge danger to respond on the R34.
    Seconds count and therefor most of the time high speeds come in to play.
    Over the 26 years Ive been in Memel Ive seen many people die on this road. The worst is to see children under that ugly silver cover( space blanket) knowing that its due to people not doing their job and fixing the road.
    When calling for an ambo from Newcastle I always have the state of the road in my mind, knowing that you can add 5 to 10 minutes to the call.
    These are life-saving minutes.
    Huge RESPECT to Mr Pharuk, Errol and the rest of the team.



    1. Proud to be a part of the Phumaphampili team. Inspiring the rest of the communitee to do good!

  2. Well done, a business not just focused on making money but also in helping other people. Especially in these financial times we are in. Shame on our municipality that it is left to kind hearted people to your work that our tax money pays for. Phumaphambili you certainly will have my support for years to come.

  3. A very noble, exemplary initiative by
    Mr Paruk, his Company and associates. This remarkably positive news is most welcoming in the difficult period we are in.
    We pray for the generosity extended to reap innumerable blessings, may it be an encouragement for us to do our part, no matter how small.
    Our beloved country deserves many such initiatives.
    Looking forward to visiting Newcastle soon , God willing.


  5. Amazing gesture from mr Paruk and his team. When our government fails us some of us complain and some like Mr Paruk step up and do something. This is corporate social responsibility at its best. Thank you to Mr Paruk, his family and staff.

  6. Thank you Mr Paruk for what you are doing for our town! My daughter lives in Jhb and travels the Memel road to come home. I am so grateful for act of kindness. We need more kindness in this world!!

  7. WOW when I read about this “Angel” it bought tears to my eyes that there are actually people that still care in this haywire world of us! It makes me feel proudly SA ! Thank you so much may your business be blessed for the good you are doing in saving lives and making our roads safer ! WE ARE TRULY GRATEFUL! MAY YOU BE BLESSED IN ABUNDANCE FOR THE BLESSINGS YOU ARE GIVING OUT !

  8. Thank you for the impact you, your business and employees are making on the lives of many people who you will never know.

  9. They should open a donation page where everyone can donate even as little as R10.. we all use that road from time to time.
    We as a community should stand together to make a difference.
    Thank you Paruk and team!
    God bless!

    1. Yes I AGREE… government doesn’t care for people… WE have to take a stand and do what is BEST FOR US ALL…i hope other business people of NN and surrounding areas jump in and help to BEAT THE DEVIL… 👍 👍 👍

  10. Thank you so much for this huge efforts you and your company is doing to save a lot of life’s and not just fixing the Road.
    Fixing the road is what you do and a big thank you to your and your team. But about all the life’s you are saving there is not enough thanks we will ever be able to give you. Thanks so much for saving life’s by your good deed. God bless.

  11. Alhamdulliah. May Allah bless you nd your family and your team. Hope we can have more businessman like you in NN. You will be rewarded for this gesture from the Almighty, Ameen

  12. Thanks to Mr Paruk we need more of such people who are selfless and willing to give back to their community. God bless you with more wealth and blessings.

  13. ما شاء الله
    May Allah grant you barkat.
    Our Prohet Mohammed peace be upon him says, The best of people is the one most beneficial to mankind.

  14. Jazakallah. You pave the road for people in the Dunya.Allah will pave your road to Jannah.Aameen

  15. Wow thank you very much. My brother & his wife flatly refuse to come and visit me while the Memel Road is in such a terrible condition. They live in Roodepoort. Bless you Mr. Muhammed Paruk of Phumaphambiti Logistics. Such good news for everybody and those ambulance drivers. God Bless you all.

  16. Well done. I challenge other transport companies using this road daily to contribute as well

  17. Saving lives is a gesture and commitment of a great earned and our to good use …Is money well spent .Mr paruk ..your greatness and assistance will not only save lives but give comfort to the many that use th is stretch of road.we can’t thank you enough.

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