Head scratching crimes coming out Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal

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South Africa’s already world-leading crime pandemic has now slide clean off the table and into the dirt, following Minister Cele announcing a 66% increase in murders and 72% increase in rape cases over the past three months. 

However, reports are coming in from the Newcastle SAPS, leaving a person wondering how certain people are gullible to obvious scams and cons in a country riddled with crime. 

Jumping into the first case, Newcastle police spokesperson Lizzy Arumugam explained that the local police are currently investigating a fraud case that happened near Standard Bank, Scott Street, on 16 August 2021.

“The complainant alleged that she received a Facebook invite from a man who called himself DR Morris, and that man told her that he was sending cellphones, jewellery, and laptop to her as a surprise.”

The woman was then contacted by a ‘courier company’ who explained that she must deposit an amount of R4 000 to receive her gifts, which she dually did. Not long afterwards, she was contacted again for more money, and according to the report, this was when she realised it was a scam.

The second case is even stranger. On 18 August 2021, at the Home Affairs Parking Lot on Scott Street in Newcastle, CBD. “The complainant alleged that she was walking when an unknown male came to her and told her that he can help her find work,” says Arumugam. 

The suspect then told his victim to leave her handbag with him and that she must go and buy candles from Pick’ n Pay. 

The stranger then gave the suspect a stone, saying that it was for luck and that she would have a job when she returned. However and coming as no surprise, upon her arrival, the man had vanished with her handbag, and as expected, there was no job to be found. 

According to Arumugam, police investigations continue on both matters.

With this said and done, what are your thoughts on the above-mentioned crimes?

Share your say in the comment section below. What’s the strangest crime you know of?


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