8 people injured in head-on near Utrecht

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On Saturday afternoon, 21 August 2021, eight people travelling on the R34, a mere 10km from Utrecht, KwaZulu-Natal en route to Blood River—sustained various injuries following a head-on collision and a third vehicle smashing into the wreckage. 

According to the on-scene EMS team, KwaZulu Private Ambulance Service, the collision occurred at about 4 pm when a bakkie and car travelling on the high-accident road collided head-on. An official on the scene stated that after the car and bakkie collided, the bakkie overturned before a third vehicle struck them. 

Paramedics assessed the scene and found the eight patients had sustained injuries ranging from minor to severe.

One of the patients was trapped inside the vehicle, resulting in the team utilising specialised rescue equipment to free the patient. 

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