Unvaccinated Curro staff may be retrenched, according to CEO

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Curro, the leading independent private school provider in South Africa, will be ensuring all of its staff are vaccinated by the end of the year.

In an interview with Fin24, Curro CEO Andries Greyling explained that the Department of Education sent out formal communication, which pointed out that the JSE listed company would move towards making it mandatory for employees to be vaccinated.

Based upon the said communication and as a responsible employer, Greyling highlighted that one needed to do a risk assessment in order to determine, where the product one offers fits in. Furthermore, he explained that Curro works with human capital and is responsible for limiting their risk. 

Curro also attended several workshops pertaining to various labour laws on the way forward. As a result thereof, on Tuesday, 17 August 2021, the school board decided that vaccination would be mandatory. The necessary process will now commence in consulting with staff who are not vaccinated. 

Suppose these respective staff members refuse to accept that the vaccine is mandatory and creates a safe teaching and learning space. In that case, Curro will be allowed to consider their options, including retrenchments. It is important to note, Greyling explained that the bulk of the school’s teachers already had themselves vaccinated when they had the opportunity to do so in July 2021.

However, as harsh as this might sound, Greyling emphasised it was essential to ensure the independent school offered a safe environment for staff, learners and parents alike.

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