Woman arrested at a Newcastle Sunnyridge B&B, with piles of CVs

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On Thursday evening, 5 August 2021, Newcastle Crime Fighter Task Team’s Imran Ghafoor explains that Amajuba Crime Intelligence received information regarding a woman fraudulently posing as a potential employer operating out of a Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal B&B. 

Upon further investigation, the team (consisting of the Newcastle Detective Unit, namely Warrant Officer Landman, Warrant Officer J Pierre, Warrant Officer Meyer and Constable Moolman, alongside Ghafoor from Newcastle Crime Fighter Task Team and Boniseka Security’s, Ntombela), discovered that the individual was scamming people by promising them employment in exchange for cash. She would do this by posting vacancies on social media, encouraging people to send her their relevant CVs.

Moreover, as Ghafoor highlights, adding to this criminal’s charge sheet, the business that the woman claimed to work for does not exist, and she paid the B&B through a fraudulent measure, with the said monies not reflecting in the establishment’s account. With the suspect now believed to be involved in multiple cases due to various CVs discovered, the community is encouraged to step forward if the suspect has duped them.

Ghafoor explains that victims can either contact the police or contact him on 072 632 3000.

If anyone submitted a CV to LMC Construction Group and was told to meet with individuals at a B&B in Sunnyridge, be sure to step forward and assist in seeing justice prevail. 

What are your thoughts? Are you a victim of the said villain? 

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One thought on “Woman arrested at a Newcastle Sunnyridge B&B, with piles of CVs

  1. This is just the tip of the iceberg, we are a ligit recruiter an we are daily coming across adds by a scammer that advertise for big companies such as Ikwezi mine, Transnet, NiDa, and some other companies and government institutions, the adds normally advertise multiple positions at the said company in one add. Loads of candidates have paid money over to the scammer for admin fees or medicals through payment methods with PEP or Shoprite money market. On a daily bases we report the adds to Facebook and Google but noting gets done, Facebook just says the adds don’t contravene their community guidelines and that is it. For candidate’s out there you should go to the police and report the incedent the moment you are asked to pay any money, no recruiter can charge any candidate any amount of money for any service period

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