Mediclinic Newcastle welcomes Dr Lethabo Kekana, Specialist Obstetrician and Gynaecologist


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Resolute on consistently developing the region’s healthcare options, Mediclinic Newcastle officially welcomes Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Dr Lethabo Kekana to the private healthcare facility.

The doctor begins by reflecting on her journey into the medical sector, noting that she was steadfast in her commitment to becoming a doctor from a young age. “My parents were very strict and wanted a career for me, but I wanted to become a doctor.”

With a rooted love in the medical world, Dr Kekana says that she discovered her true calling while doing her undergrad, rotating through the various fields. “When I got to obstetrics and gynaecology, I felt that I was at home, I felt comfortable.”

Going for her post-grad at UKZN and qualifying in the early 2000s, the doctor stresses it is not an easy task to undertake, becoming a specialist—as it entails immense dedication and work. However, the reward upon finishing one’s studies and qualifying is a feeling of utter satisfaction.

Immersing herself in her career, Dr Kekana explains, she derives tremendous fulfilment from her job. “The joy I get after seeing a woman giving birth, or a gynaecology woman having problems and being able to assist, assists me as a person.”

The doctor acknowledges, being an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist can be difficult at times, but as a woman, she feels she can relate to her patients easier and put their minds at ease when they see her. “I love what I do; I want to make my patients feel comfortable and grow a relationship with them.” Furthermore, the doctor affirms that she intends to promote women’s health, with her ultimate goal to see the establishment of a women’s health clinic.

Initially based in Ladysmith, after graduating and specialising, the doctor then moved to Vryheid. Discussing why she chose to make the move to Newcastle, Dr Kekana states, “Most of the gynaes are in the cities, and there are several members of the community who need our expertise, so I decided to come and assist here. My speciality is of need, and there is a purpose for it.” 

When asked about a highlight in her career thus far, the doctor reflects on her time in Ladysmith, where she worked with a team that received a trophy for reducing maternal deaths in the town. An achievement, she explains, results from her and colleagues working closely together, setting their egos aside for the wellbeing of their patients.

Additionally, Dr Kekana aims to extend her knowledge to her colleagues to minimise any complications women might face with their health. Concluding, the doctor declares, “We are here to assist; what you can get in the big cities, we can bring to you here.”

Join us in welcoming Dr Kekana to the Mediclinic Newcastle team as she prepares to elevate women’s health throughout the area.

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