Mediclinic Newcastle welcomes gynaecologist and obstetrician, Dr Chukwu

With great enthusiasm, Mediclinic Newcastle welcomes Dr Peter Chukwu, a highly experienced gynaecologist and obstetrician, to the private medical facility’s ever-developing team.

Discussing his journey in the medical sector, the doctor explains he qualified in 2002 as a doctor, before qualifying in 2019 as an obstetrician and gynaecologist—doing his residency at the Dr George Mukhari Academic Hospital in Pretoria.

After qualifying as a doctor, he moved to South Africa in 2006, bidding farewell to his home country (Nigeria). This saw him in 2007, joining Madadeni Provincial Hospital for seven years before moving to Ulundi for a brief period. Subsequent to this, he began specialising as an obstetrician and went on to the George Mukhari Academic Hospital, north of Pretoria near the township of Ga-Rankuwa.

Reflecting on an original inspiration for choosing a career in the medical industry—Dr Chukwu states his passion for the medical world began whilst still at school. “I always loved medicine, as it is all about saving people’s lives. While in school, one of my friend’s father was a doctor, and I was fortunate to have visited him at the hospital he worked in. It was then that I knew this is what I wanted to do.”

Additionally, the doctor highlights why he chose a career as a gynaecologist and obstetrician, “This goes back to when I was a student. I had a passion for both women and pregnant women’s health, especially when looking at Africa and the number of women dying from conditions that could have been prevented”—medical issues such as bleeding, hypertension or HIV.

While a challenging discipline of medicine, the doctor affirms it is an unbelievably rewarding path, especially when seeing the positive role he plays in both women and their babies lives. When the chance arose to join the Mediclinic Newcastle team, Dr Chukwu seized the opportunity, “It was only logical that I joined Mediclinic Newcastle. By joining the Mediclinic team, I can help more patients and assist in minimising the waiting period for women,” he states.

Learning valuable lessons through his career, the good doctor offers words of comfort. “If there is any form of problem or concerns, you now have more options in town. You don’t have to wait for extended periods of time for an appointment, nor do you have to travel out of town.”

Join us in welcoming Dr Chukwu to the community, his arrival showcasing Mediclinic Newcastle’s constant commitment to the region’s health and wellness.

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