Mediclinic Newcastle welcomes Specialist Physician, Dr Mthunzi Thusi


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Furthering medical services throughout the region, Mediclinic Newcastle proudly welcomes Specialist Physician Dr Mthunzi Thusi to the Newcastle based private medical facility.

Chatting with the newest member of the Mediclinic Newcastle team, the doctor says he completed his studies in medicine in 2008, doing his undergrad at Wits University before completing his post-graduate at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Being a dedicated medical professional, many might not know that Dr Thusi hails from Madadeni, matriculating from Phendukani High School. In fact, it was during his childhood when he developed a passion for medicine. “When I was much younger, I was admitted for a hernia. The interaction with the doctors and staff at the hospital sparked my interest in becoming a doctor.” Furthermore, while doing his internship at Ngwelezana Hospital, he noted the need for a Specialist Physician. “There was no physician, and I felt there was a gap for a Specialist Physician,” he affirms.

This decision saw the doctor furthering himself, qualifying in said field. “For me, the rewarding part of being a Specialist Physician comes in investigating and seeing what is needed for treating my patient and then making the correct call for the necessary treatment. It is almost like putting a puzzle together upside down, then putting it right-side up,” he smiles. Then there are the relationships he builds with patients. A bond that starts where he and his patient know nothing of each other and ends in a relationship of mutual trust.

Prior to joining the Mediclinic Newcastle team, the doctor worked at Madadeni Hospital, “I initially did my community service at Madadeni Hospital and officially started there in January 2020.” Following discussions with doctors at Mediclinic Newcastle, Dr Thusi felt he could assist in the private hospital’s development while serving the community’s healthcare requirements.

Moreover, he states an element that intrigues him are the questions asked by patients. “There is much interaction between the doctors and patients, especially regarding education, as private patients will ask to be sent to a specific specialist or will tell you why they need a certain form of treatment and the doctor needs to help them understand the differences.”

With him embarking on his new venture at Mediclinic Newcastle, Dr Thusi explains he has grown tremendously throughout his career, particularly since becoming a specialist. This, as he has been forwarded the opportunity to expand his knowledge on various diseases and treatments. All of which, he declares, has made him more at peace with himself while forwarding him the opportunity to focus on his patient’s needs.

Concluding, he extends a message of encouragement to the Newcastle community, saying, “Lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and kidney disease are quite prevalent in town, and I would encourage people to find out where they stand and if they do have an issue, Mediclinic Newcastle has a team that is always willing to help them. Seeing your doctor is also the first step in leading a healthier life.”

As for children from his home community, Madadeni, Dr Thusi reminds them that the sky is the limit. He enthuses, “If you make yourself available to help, you will find that help is available for you.”

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  1. Warm welcome Dr Thusi! We know that the Mewcastle community is in good hands. Doctors like you are few and far between!!!

  2. A warm welcome Dr Thusi, are we still going to aee you in Madadeni ICU??

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