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Focussed on the financial future of people, offering a broad spectrum of opportunity for South African Taxpayers—AP Global Investments Ltd (” AP Global”) was founded to enable investors to acquire a shareholding in a Section 12J Venture Capital Company (’ VCC”). An investment providing people with exposure to a variety of potentially high yielding and socially responsible investments.

In summary, the investment into AP Global VCC will provide South Africans with a unique opportunity to invest in a diverse portfolio. AP Global VCC investment is 100% tax-deductible from an investor’s taxable income in the tax year in which the investment is made, further enhancing the expected returns for investors.  An inherent fundamental noted by the investment company would be its offering—with AP Global’s investment portfolio not limited to one sector or market but instead spanning across various established yet, optimum performing markets, which showed resilience during COVID-19. 

Taking a closer look at AP Global, the following principal points are noted.

  • The company has worked closely with investors in the beef industry, which has shown phenomenal growth since June 2020 and is projected to continue for the next three years. The market price of cattle per kilogram at cattle auctions has increased from R31.50 per kg to R45.00 per kg, with the market price continuing to rise in line with demand.
  • AP Global has established a relationship with a farmer, commandeering over 40 years’ experience in cattle farming as a source of knowledge.
  • They have also established a relationship with a crop farmer with extensive experience and a proven track record. The demand for food in South Africa has increased as we are net importers, thereby making an investment in the maize/soya crop lucrative.
  • The need for food security in our country has ensured that the investment in cattle breeding and crop plantations have become lucrative investment opportunities.
  • To further diversify the portfolio and offer liquidity regularly, the company has identified reputable retail and manufacturing businesses to buy equity into. 
  • A significant selling point is that the directors of AP Global will perform the accounting and administrative functions, sit on the board of directors and audit committees to ensure good governance, promote transparency and oversee financial performance.
  • The company has also hedged its investment in the hospitality industry, acquiring equity in the already established Buckler’s Africa Lodge by BON Hotels. This was a strategic move to shift the focus purely from foreign tourists to local tourists and will yield returns immediately as Buckler’s Africa Lodge has been trading for the past three years, noting the Kruger National based lodge has grown in the local market share, despite the impact of COVID-19.

In conclusion, AP Global holds several unique selling points, of which one being the Directors are hands-on—meaning as an investor, you are treated with professional care. Be sure to visit the Section 12J SARS approved Venture Capital Company by clicking the link – www.apglobal.co.za or visit their digital brochure online – AP Global Investments Digital Brochure.

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