Curro Mount Richmore welcomes Jarryd Byron, school psychologist, to the family


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Expanding on our unique and estimable resources at Curro Mount Richmore Independent School—we proudly announce the appointment of our new school psychologist, Jarryd Byron.

Jarryd’s arrival will see our learners and staff reaping the benefits of having access to an on-site, qualified psychologist at no cost to them. As a highly learned individual, his qualifications include a Masters in counselling psychology, an Honours in psychology, a BA in psychology, a Sports Psychology Certificate, and Sports Management qualifications.

Explaining his role, Jarryd points out, “At the start of this year, my focus was on the Castle and with particular focus on the Galaxy Stars class. The composition of the Galaxy Star class is learners who have a variety of learning abilities and styles. Some are better in visual learning, while others are more competent in audio learning. Certain learners must learn through sense of touch or practical experiences.”

With this in mind, he says individual goals are designed for diversified teaching activities, while various teaching methods to help students develop their potential and remove obstacles in learning are adopted.

Curro Mount Richmore welcomes Jarryd Byron, school psychologist, to the family

Through this, Jarryd highlights, “After a few sessions observing and interacting with the learners, as well as working alongside Mrs Chantelle Smith, their teacher, we have established learning and social development goals, structured around enhancing each individual learner’s opportunity to flourish and get the maximum benefit out of each school day.”

Jarryd will commence with play therapy within the next few weeks, building on our learners’ set goals and individual requirements.  

When looking at how parents, learners, and staff can take advantage of his presence, Jarryd highlights several facets with which he can assist. This he stresses all forms part of his psychological qualifications and work.

Curro Mount Richmore welcomes Jarryd Byron, school psychologist, to the family

These are some of the diverse aspects he can help the learners flourish in:

  • Sports psychology
  • Career and subject guidance
  • Dealing with trauma, emotional distress, adjustment issues and social development.
  • Issues and difficulties faced at home, in school and within the learners’ personal lives.

Moreover, further benefits of his presence include emotional support and the opportunity to refer a learner to other professionals if the need arises—noting that he will also be looking at our learner’s individual social needs, traumatic incidents and issues which might be hampering successful development.

Jarryd adds he will also be looking at group therapy. These therapy sessions will focus on leadership groups, sports groups, and issues that touch children’s lives regularly, such as bullying. “Everyone is different and reacts differently to bullying. Some will withdraw, others will fight back, while others will see their academic work deteriorate. People who are bullied can also develop disorders. Through group therapy, we can explore the different forms of bullying, identify each and help one another through it.”

Please join us in welcoming Jarryd to the Curro Mount Richmore family in the comment section below and share your thoughts on how his presence will add value to our learners and staff lives.

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6 thoughts on “Curro Mount Richmore welcomes Jarryd Byron, school psychologist, to the family

    1. Welcome Jarryd. Every child has a different way of learning and doing things. Having you at the school is an honor.

  1. Welcone, we trust and believe your presence will add more value towards our childrens growth and leaening. May God grant u more wisdim, as you embark on this journey

  2. Welcome to the Curro Family Jarryd.
    So grateful that you can help our kids ❤ and guide us on the right path, to bring out the best in them.
    Thank you

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