Police target 40 liquor outlets across greater Newcastle on Friday

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According to the latest crime statistics, covering January 2022 to March 2022, Newcastle and surrounding towns continue to rank in National crime stats.  

During the three-month period, Newcastle ranked among the top 30 stations for burglary at non-residential premises.

Madadeni ranked among the top 30 police stations for sexual offences and rape. Additionally, Madadeni also scored among the top 30 stations for assault with the intent to inflict grievous bodily harm. This is not forgetting that Osizweni ranked among the top 30 areas for arson.

This all translates to a deeply concerning and growing problem in various crimes throughout these once quiet and quaint areas of Northern KwaZulu-Natal.

Pushing back, on Friday, 15 July 2022, Newcastle SAPS joined by Madadeni SAPSOsizweni SAPS and Utrecht SAPS moved through Newcastle, Madadeni and Osizweni.

Committed to reinstilling public faith in the local SAPS, Newcastle SAPS Station Commander Brigadier Leon Matthysen explained, “we are going to be doing regular operations, with the police stations working together, so we can go out in larger numbers. Not only will we be increasing visibility during these operations, but law-abiding citizens must be able to trust the SAPS again as we are determined to reduce crime.”

During the operation on Friday, law enforcement targeted over 40 liquor outlets in Newcastle, Madadeni and Osizweni. This was to ensure the outlets were adhering to the necessary regulations.

Moreover, working through the lower part of Newcastle’s CBD, the police officers also searched people for weapons and drugs.

With the police also working with the Protection Services, Brigadier Matthysen warned this was just the beginning and police officers would be hitting the streets more often, patrolling both on foot and in vehicles.

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One thought on “Police target 40 liquor outlets across greater Newcastle on Friday

  1. This is great. Well done. I would like to suggest we believe the residents of Barry Hertzog Park we cannot proof it but certain Tuck Shops are selling drugs as well. Maybe Police can check them as well. But this is hear say. The one in FW Beyers Street near Drakensberg Robot. But that is what we hear cannot proof it.

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