Curro Mount Richmore starts new legacy under the name Curro Salt Rock


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As an established independent school providing high-quality education, Curro Mount Richmore now prepares to welcome its official name change. While this signifies a new era for the institution, its core values remain just as strong as they were when it opened its doors in January 2014 with 120 learners. Now 980-learners strong, this school is unstoppable.

Following the official name change earmarked for 22 July 2022, Curro Mount Richmore will become Curro Salt Rock. The reason for the name change, according to the Curro Salt Rock team, is to deepen the roots of this community-conscious school.

Elaborating further, the school’s Executive Head, Bryn Thomas, says, ‘It is a sense of belonging, as we now share the name of the suburb where the school is located. It also means we can start a new chapter as an established school, starting new traditions and making memories.’

Mr Thomas ensures that the school maintains its dedication to excellence as it begins this next chapter of its story.

At the helm of Curro Salt Rock, ensuring the school’s dedication to excellence remains in place, is Executive Head, Bryn Thomas, who has been with Curro Salt Rock since 2020.

Curro Salt Rock Executive Head
Mr Bryn Thomas

On the day of the name change, the school shares that Curro‘s CEO will be joined by visitors from Curro Centralised Office, along with 30 personally invited guests. In addition to this, an extremely special guest of honour is expected to make an appearance. However, the school is still waiting for confirmation of his attendance.

Moreover, Curro Salt Rock shares that all guests will be treated to a delicious breakfast at Curro Salt Rock’s culture studio, while the school’s learners will each receive a branded gift.

Additionally, the school will enjoy dance, singing and poetry performances by its learners. A plaque will be unveiled to mark the historic moment and Curro Salt Rock will introduce its mascot, Rocky. 

Added to an already jam-packed day, the school will officially open its AstroTurf. To celebrate this, after the launch Curro Salt Rock’s hockey teams will break the turf in against Creston College’s first teams.

Curro Salt Rock Astro Turf

With a great deal of planning and preparation going into this special day, Curro Salt Rock is excited to see the establishment of a brand-new legacy under its new name. This is made possible through the dedication and support of its staff, parents and learners.

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  1. This is super exciting on all levels. Sports, community and school excellence. I am so excited for this day and for the future at Curro Salt Rock!!! My children love the school and as a family we are very happy to be a part of this special place.

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