Amajuba District Municipality leads water-saving campaign in Dannhauser

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Amajuba District Municipality, in conjunction with the Department of Water and Sanitation, hosted a public water saving awareness campaign in KwaMdakane, Ward 7 of Dannhauser Local Municipality.

Representing the leadership of the Amajuba District Municipality at the event on Tuesday, 14 September 2021, the Speaker of Amajuba Cllr Phumzile Mgcina, alongside Cllr Z. C Msibi, focused on confronting water issues in the area.

Cllr Msibi articulates, “We have to acknowledge the various interventions that have been introduced by the Municipality in addressing the water issues in KwaMdakane and surrounding areas. The Municipality frequently dispatches water tankers to assist, but unfortunately some people steal the water pipes, destroy water infrastructure and participate in illegal water connections.”

This now sees the District Municipality encouraging community members to step forward if they have any information on any said crimes occurring in the area.

One of the primary purposes of the event was to educate the community on the importance of saving water appropriately. As a result, the Amajuba District Municipality representatives pointed out that vandalising water infrastructure results in enormous water loss in the district. 

According to Vuyisile Mmangaliso from Amajuba District Municipality Engineering Services, this issue predominately occurs in Buffalo Flats.

Bheki Ngubo, a representative from the Department of Water and Sanitation, emphasised that there is a demand increase in water usage by the community because of the COCID-19 pandemic.

“The coronavirus has obligated us that we frequently and consistently exercise hygienic practises such as washing of hands. It is for this reason, that the need for water had risen and exceeded previous times. Therefore, it is also important that communities are educated on how best they can play their part in saving water. One of our objectives as the Department of Water and Sanitation is to capacitate and monitor and intervene in addressing water issues in municipalities.”

Speaker of Amajuba District Cllr Phumzile Mgcina pointed out that it was necessary to remember that the aim of the initiative was to learn from each other positively, “while coming up with solutions to the problems, and raise awareness around the importance of saving water.”

But, she emphasised, “Our major focus around water issues are in Emadlangeni (Utrecht) and Dannhauser, as they are the most affected areas. Furthermore, we are here to request you to work together in ending illegal water connections, we have had unfortunate incidents where the community interrupts water projects before completion thus regrettably delaying water getting to everyone.”

The public can contact the Amajuba District Water and Sanitation Contact Centre on 034 329 7400 to report illegal connections and other water-related challenges such as supply disruptions.

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