Newcastle Mayor reflects on local achievements and plans for 2021

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As February 2021 draws to a close, Newcastle’s Mayor, Cllr Dr Ntuthuko Mahlaba speaks about what Newcastillians can expect from the Newcastle Municipality for the remainder of the year while acknowledging various sectors and people.

He begins by saying, “This year, we commemorate, celebrate and reflect on the 20-year journey of Local Government Transformation. Local Government is a pivotal cornerstone through which we can accelerate service delivery, create a dignified life for all, empower communities to be self-sufficient and restore our people’s hope for a better life.”

Additionally, according to the Mayor, the municipality will continue to envisage a future where every citizen has water, electricity, sanitation and shelter. “As a service delivery-oriented institution, we strive to continuously ignite the zeal to serve the electorate. The municipality remains committed in producing an inimitable workforce which boasts in being progressive, vibrant and innovative.”

With this in mind, he points out that the governmental entity’s mission for the remainder of this year is to bolster and fast track the dispensing of basic services, as mandated by the constitution.

Moreover, plans are apparently underway to provide housing, electricity and sanitation to first-time homeowners. “Collectively, let us exhibit good citizenship by forging ahead to a brighter tomorrow in the spirit of ‘Ubuntu’, for the betterment of generations to come,” he emphasises.

Discussing the virus’s influence and impact on people’s lives, Cllr Dr Mahlaba states, “We continue to brave this invisible enemy and weather a storm whose end is fast approaching. In the spirit of goodwill and camaraderie, Newcastle Local Municipality wishes to also send words of encouragement to all who have lost loved ones to Coronavirus. I remain forever humbled and grateful to the men and women who have spent endless nights in COVID-19 wards across the country, in particular in hospitals in Newcastle.”

The Mayor further extends his heartfelt gratitude to teachers, pupils, and in particular the matric learners, who showed resilience and courage during trying times. “They’ve produced impressive and pleasing results despite the Coronavirus global pandemic. As the Newcastle Municipality, we applaud and salute these gallant individuals who soldiered on in the face of adversity. The results bear testament that indeed the human race can achieve more if we remain determined, united and resolute.”  

Reflecting on the local Government’s achievements and challenges over the last 20 years, Cllr Dr Mahlaba concludes, “Let us be cognizant that this Government has improved lives for the better, and our pledge is to never cease doing so. In the next few months, the municipality will be conducting aggressive sight visits to completed projects, visits to wards that need our immediate attention and I’ll be interacting with residents across the municipality, with the aim of soliciting various views on how we can improve as an institution.”

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