Prevent Firearms Bill Change, deadline this week!

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Time is running out for South Africans to take a stand against the Firearms Control Amendment Bill, which, if implemented, will see notable changes in laws governing a person’s use of a firearm. 

One of the most concerning changes will be that no firearm will be issued for self-defence purposes while jointly providing the deletion of provisions permitting a private collector to collect and possess firearms and ammunition in a private collection.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is now calling on the public to sign the party’s online petition and make formal written objections against the Firearms Control Amendment Bill before the deadline for public comments, which is 31 July 2021.

The petition has already gained significant traction with more than 83 000 signatures since the petition launched in May 2021, as stated by the political party. DA Shadow Minister of Police Andrew Whitfield says, “The deadline for public submissions is 31 July 2021 and we urge those who have not yet signed the DA’s petition to do so. We also urge South Africans to submit their objections to this disastrous piece of legislation by sending an email to and the DA at”

Whitfield emphasises that the DA does not support the Firearms Control Amendment Bill as it seeks to remove self-defence as a valid reason to possess a firearm in South Africa. According to Whitfield, the Bill seeks to disarm law-abiding citizens, forcing them to rely on a police service that is understaffed, under-resourced, and has failed to combat crime. “The recent violent unrest and looting in parts of KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng demonstrated the police’s inability to effectively deal with crime. Communities were left to fend for themselves in order to protect their properties with little or no assistance from police or law enforcement. Removing self-defence as a reason to own a gun following this unprecedented unrest is not only reckless, but it also puts many innocent civilians at the mercy of criminals.”

ActionSA has also voiced its objections against the proposed amendments to the Firearms Control Act. The political party states that the under-resourcing, poor management, and politicisation of the SAPS by the ANC has resulted in a police force that cannot protect residents from criminals. In a statement, ActionSA pointed out, “Our people have no choice but to defend themselves. This Bill shows that the ANC is out of touch with the realities of everyday South Africans.”

Furthermore, ActionSA also highlighted that criminals would not have their illegal guns taken away, as the Bill focuses on law-abiding citizens and not the criminal element. “In a country where criminal activity and violent crime is of the highest in the world, citizens deserve the right to protect themselves and their families.

In a letter to President Cyril Ramaphosa, Chairperson of the SA Gunowners’ Association (SAGA), Damian Enslin reflected on the recent civil unrest, which saw widespread destruction and carnage. When looking at the chaos and how the community rallied together, Enslin said, “The South African Police Service, which has the Constitutional duty to protect the country and the citizens, appears to have found themselves incapable of dealing with the vast numbers of looters and criminals and have found themselves overstretched, under-provisioned and totally overwhelmed through lack of training and resources.”

In his letter to the president, Enslin reminded Ramaphosa that he reportedly welcomed “ordinary citizens defending their areas and assets.” 

 “In SAGA’s view, had it not been for such law-abiding and ordinary citizens defending the lives and property of others, using the very firearms that the Firearms Control Amendment Bill, 2021 seeks to take away, the situation would have been very different.”

Enslin further noted, “An armed and prepared citizenry is not a threat to our democracy, but a guarantee against those who would wish to overthrow a democratically elected government by force and mayhem. It is clear that firearms do protect the law-abiding citizens of South Africa and that even those who do not own firearms, support those who do, as those who do not own firearms feel safer knowing that there are armed law-abiding citizens amongst them.”

With these compelling arguments in mind, be sure to make your voice heard before 31 July 2021, by sending an email to and, stating why the Bill should not be passed and be sure to sign the online DA petition at

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23 thoughts on “Prevent Firearms Bill Change, deadline this week!

  1. This will really make us defenceliss.. As we all know that we can’t count on Saps for help.. Proven very well in the looting and vandalism of products an property… Never mind our lives… The sadf is just as hopeless as its under government control… Well in this case there be more illegal firearms aswell.. This is there policy… ANC GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN TRYING TO GET MORE POLITICAL GIAN IN EVERY WAY.

  2. Plz sign it. Where would we be in Newcastle if this bill is passed. Its because of those very ppl who have guns for self defence and the security companies that Newcastle is still standing. And that the looters did very little damage in Newcastle. Newcastle was saved by community members and private securities. Police were very inadequate. With only the police. Newcastle would be the same looting as other places. If they take the rights away who will protect Newcastle and there people and families. Keep the right!

  3. It’s absurd to think a person can defend themselves against armed intruders or a criminal element without a firearm, the British police tried this and it failed. We should learn from history and not repeat it.

  4. I am against the planned ammendment to the Firearms Control Bill or changes to the existing system of firearm control.

  5. If you or your family or any law abiding citizen is in danger, you have the right defend yourself, family or that law abiding citizen. Are we going to now let criminals rule over law abiding citizens? Are we going to let people harm law abiding citizens just to prevent politicians from trying to over throw each other? Law abiding citizens have a RIGHT TO DEFEND!!!

  6. This govt wants to disarm us law abiding citizens and take control of our lives and allow the criminals and gangsters to roam free with all types of weapons to instill fear and create mayhem as wit the recent violence, looting, murders and taxi violence, I am definitely against this new law for gun ownership for self defense

  7. we all have the right to own guns.. to protect our family.. criminals have free access to weapons from where are thy getting it from.

  8. As the governing authorities are not always immediately available to protect me at all times, I believe in the right of firearm ownership for self protection

  9. The Govt , SAPS and SANDF have failed to protect the innocent….. and you want to disarm us …… really
    I cannot support this bill in any form , the narrative being driven by the anti gun lobby is false and misleading and has no empirical data to support it …..

  10. Firearms are for self defense.. Im working with criminals and needs protection always.. Been at home or at work..

  11. With the current spate of unrests…intimidation…threats…house robberies…theft of motor vehicles…loss of lives throughout our country…whether at home or travelling…the right to possess a firearm for self protection of oneself or family is of utmost importance…

  12. Firearms is important for the protection of the family I require my sidearm as I travel late and for self defense and protection .

  13. No to the proposed firearms bill!
    The police have firearms to protect themselves. I want that same right.

  14. NO to the new bill. They want to disarm law abiding citizens that wants to protect their familly but crimanals roam around with unlicensed firearms. It’s just another way for government to disarm law abiding citizens.

  15. The citizens of South Africa has the right to live, the right to protect themselves and fellow citizens as well as property.
    It is well known fact that the police services are not capable to ensure the law is uphold and react in a timely matter to ensure life and property are protected.
    If this bill is passed, sorry Africa will have more guns in the hands of the criminals than the police survive and SANDF combined, do you think the criminals will hand in their guns, I think not. This will put additional strain on the police services and crime will reach levels that South Africa has never seen before, purely die to the fact that they will know that the law abiding citizens are unarmed and unable to defend themselves. The priority should be to disarm criminals, not law abiding citizens.

  16. Firearms are freely available to gangsters. Where do they get it from?. Every person in South Africa should have a firesrm for self defence. I do not approve this Bill. It is unfair.!!

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