Scientists discover life after death, read about their findings

Throughout humanity’s history, the persisting and unanswered question is there life after death—has commandeered our imaginations for millennia. 

The vast sums of religions which captivate, inspire and guide billions of people globally, have all but given their beliefs and outlooks on life after death. 

But then some believe that nothing awaits us in the great beyond. That life simply ends, and when we close our eyes for the final time, just like every other animal, plant and insect on the planet, we fade to black.

Yet despite all the opinions and beliefs surrounding this age-old topic, scientists appear to be making headway.

Looking for answers, the New York Academy of Science delved into this age-old question.

According to the New Your Academy of Sciences, during the course of 2019—clinicians and researchers around the globe engaged in transformative research to improve resuscitation techniques, as well as increasing high-quality survivorship.

During their intensive research, their findings toppled not only conventional ideas around the nature of brain injuries but around death itself.

Such is the nature of their work, that according to the institute—researchers are proving that brain cells are far more robust to loss of oxygen, after the heart stops than once believed.

In fact, they have shown brain cells undergo a slow process of death which can take hours or days following a person passing on. This leads to new interventions to protect the brain and save the lives of people who would usually succumb to death’s clutches.

This is rather interesting, as this means, in laymen’s terms, people’s lights are still on, hours or days after passing on.

Simultaneously, scientists are also bringing the study of consciousness under the scrutiny of science. A convention brought together leading physicians and researchers from various fields, ranging from neurology to psychology, biochemistry, and even philosophy.

In a series of presentations, speakers reviewed current and developing research related to restoring function to the brain after death.

One thing plaguing the scientific community is the location of the conscious mind within the brain. Once this is discovered, it will open up new ways of understanding life as we know it.  

With the scientific world looking at finding answers and establishing whether there is life after death, share your thoughts with us. 

Do you feel people move onto a higher plain after they leave the world behind? Or do you think this is our one opportunity at life? 

Author: Quinton Boucher & Calvin Swemmer

Edited: Calvin Swemmer

One thought on “Scientists discover life after death, read about their findings

  1. Hallo Quinton, long time. Very interesting topic. I think scientists will NOT find the conscious centre within the brain for two reasons. No experiment can be conducted to test the brain for consciousness or unconsciousness without causing damage to the subject; the experiment will be invasive and unethical. I believe that consciousness is a collective function of the the whole brain, not of one single area but different areas and levels of consciousness. Looking for one area will be like looking for source of gravity in a planet, tough but a task😊. So the anxious readers of our lovely newcastilian will possibly get no science answer. But there must be a reality beyond..

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