New legislation states no lethal force may be used to protect your home and Police to be upgraded

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It is no secret; South Africa is now at a point whereby crime is no longer a mere talking point nor a concern. Sadly, it has now transformed into an unavoidable component within our everyday lives, seeing South Africa holding 6 of the ten most dangerous cities in Africa.

The above, coupled with the fact that policing legislation and their general demeanour towards the public is in dire need of an upgrade, has now led to Gov. approving an Amendment Bill which will introduce a range of changes.

This follows the Police Ministry welcoming a move by Cabinet to approve the South African Police Service Amendment Bill, 2020.

The amendments also seek to address matters of vetting and integrity testing of those employed within the SAPS under the SAPS Act, through lifestyle audits and conflict of interest.

Those joining the service will be subjected to processes to ensure the integrity of the organisation is maintained. Police recruits will also be expected to submit a buccal sample for DNA testing.

The Act will also empower the Minister of Police to make regulations for the roles, functions, duties and obligations, requirements for appointment and disciplinary matters of Deputy National and Divisional Commissioners.

The proposed changes also seek to improve community policing, thereby offering more peace of mind to South Africans.

Furthermore, the coordination between the police service and municipal police services needs to be improved in terms of the concept of a single police service. 

The amendment will enhance the framework for the establishment, powers, functions and control of municipal police services.

Regarding protests and other demonstrations, previous judgements found individual sections of the South African Police Service Act on this matter, unconstitutional. 

The reworked Act now proposes to address operational concerns raised in the non-notification of intended gatherings under the Regulations of Gatherings Act. The amended Bill will also give effect to the Farlam Commission Recommendations.

This includes the assurance that no automatic rifles may be used in crowd control, and lethal force may not be used for protection of property only.

However, whenever life and property are endangered simultaneously, the use of lethal force will be warranted. The South African Police Service Amendment Bill, 2020, further provides a way to improve relationships between the police service and the community by ensuring police members deal with the public with dignity and respect the rights of the everyone. Especially the rights of women, children and persons with disabilities.

Members of the public are encouraged to add their voices to the South African Police Service Amendment Bill, 2020. It is published in the Government Gazette for public comment.

What are your thoughts on future changes in the SAPS? Share your views with us in the comment section below.


75 thoughts on “New legislation states no lethal force may be used to protect your home and Police to be upgraded

  1. Giving the looters and protesters and CIT robbers even more to continue on their destructive path. Saps is a pathetic joke and cele is the circus clown

    1. This is Plainly Bullshit. I was an Sap member, for all the years musketry Instructor. I will take ALL STEPS THAT IS NEEDED T9 SAFEGUARD ME AND MY FAMILY. THEY FORCE US NOW TO TAKE STAND

    2. If changes are made, start with Cele, he thinks he is this MUCHO character, intrem back at the ranch he is just as useless as Zuma

    3. If he were only a clown that would be laughable, but he is incompetent as evidenced by the out of control crime being perpetrated and that is a disastrous situation!

  2. High time the recruitment requirements be seriously addressed, and top officials be criminally cleared and professional policemen be promoted. No politics.
    Regards protection of private property us concerned, that needs to remain. You damage) burn property whether occupied or not, you need to be addressed with force.
    Regards Marikana, the police were attacked, members murdered, the deceased got what they deserved.
    The minister of police must be replaced without delay, he is not fit to hold this office. One needs an intelligent qualified person.

  3. If ever buy a property and some demons enter my premises, I WILL shoot them! Not in one instance people were not killed or tortured when premises were entered. With the useless, corrupt police force I will not even call them first because they are usually part of the demons

  4. get rid of the minister with the hat. and work downwards to improve the service. there are still good members but look after them . put a xxxxx five star rating in place. and make the members stick to better performance. ie x one star rating less income. xxxxx 5 star rating good remunerating.

  5. Fire the whole lot including the minister if their record is not clean. Test them all for mind altering substance and check how much they spend on alcohol. Bring back the tough physical part of their training so that they can catch run aways. That will be a good start.

  6. Coming from a small town there is definitely a shortage of community assistance, visible policing and police vehicles. Here the local Security company does almost all the work to fight crime and even the police call the security company to assist with matters, this needs to be addressed urgently.

    Proper firearm and tactical training for the police members could also be benificial.

  7. This is the absolute craziest thing I’ve ever seen. How are you expected to not protect your property and person from criminals. This is an infringement of the law abiding citizens of this country.

  8. Does this mean that the criminal has more rights than the law abiding citicen. If he attacks my family I am not allowed to use what ever force is necessary. I will protect my family to the death. And will take who ever enters my property without consent with me.

  9. How can you decide between stealing of property and defending your life? If you see a person climbing through your window must you first ask him if he is only going to try and steal your property or if he is there to steal your property and kill you before you use lethal force?? Is this some kind of a new joke from “comedy central south africa”???

  10. With looting, burning, and destroying of property in our community, these r rediculous intended laws, favouring the criminals

  11. you are killing as nowe the police is not enaf to protect us and jou tak ower rights a way from us to protect ouwer lifs an busnesses and homes. jou dont haf the right. to impliment . to destrooi awer peppel kill as and burn ouer proppertys en we must do nating.not fare to ouer lifes.

  12. This is outrageous, if a crowed gets out if hand 9/10 times innocent people land up getting hurt. This is now an open invitation for people to break into a house do as they please and nothing can happen to them… I say bring back the death penalty, bring back the right to shot to kill, bring back the firearm in every household, SA has gotten soft and the criminals are living like kings… I do not agree to the new laws…

  13. We need full authority has tax paying citizens of the country to protect what we work hard to pay for at all times, this amendment still gives criminals more rights than us,so please stop wasting money thinking up bullshit and protect the people that’s contributing towards the salaries you earn.

  14. Nobody trusts this police (force) very many crimes dont get reported because we all believe it’s a waste of time. Red alert should be financed by government, all respect for them.

  15. The police and the government are failing the law abiding citizens of this country they are constitutionality bound to protect property and their citizens if they can’t do it we as citizens of this country will do it by any means possible they can change the law as they please but we will not abide by their bullshit we will kill if needed to protect our rights. Property and lives this communist government must be removed. They should be held accountable for failing the law abiding citizens we have to have the right to protect ourselves and our property by all means possible

  16. There are a lot of corrupt cops. It’s sad for those ones that are so dedicated to they work are not recognized and prompted. I feel if you do your job promote them no matter what race they are. I see a lot off activities happen but you find the men in. Blue are more corrupt. They only thing i do is say FATHER expose those corrupt ones.

  17. This is only so that the farmers dont shoot to kill… Farm murder have made the news now and the police ministry is ashamed of the incompetetant officers… And the police ministry now know farmers are sick and tired of being targeted. This new law is pathetic and i vote no for it.

  18. The ongoing march of Marxist totalitarianism and entrenchment of the rights of criminals and removal of citizens right to defend themselves

  19. It is any person’s right to defend him or herself when they are in harms way. What do you call it when our rights are taken away and rights are given now to criminals. Why must law abiding citizens be punished for obeying the law and criminals who break the law are protected. Why must criminals have rights if they the criminals don’t care of the next person’s rights. Do government want to protect the criminals? And so why? Do these criminals work for the government? Does these criminals somehow grenerate money for government?

  20. This is rediculous. How can you permit illegal activities. How can you allow more money to be spend on appointing more incompetent police. How can you allow a criminal to damage my property, threaten me and restrict me to defend myself. Get discipline and act to gain respect. Going on like this is ensuring failure and NO FUTURE.

  21. It sounds good. My concern is writing into law that officers need to give women and children extra care. This should he a natural action of any man and if mandated in law, may result in women and children being put in harms way by criminals in order to limit the polices ability to respond to their criminal activities.

  22. The government and legal system is useless to protect us. If someone enters my home or premises with my gates and security gates locked, entered without permission and will bare everything I will throw at such a person. Its because of lawlessness that SA is in such a cripple state and because the law gives criminal rights.

  23. Destruction op property is a serious offence which often endangers people’s lives afterwards eg when fires spread and cause serious injury to people afterwards. Stoning vehicles causes serious injuries after the initial act as accidents are often caused. Most violent destruction of property is potentially dangerous to life. Government should enable every citizen to prevent potential loss of lives and protect property. Lenient legislation will cause chaos in South Africa. Remember, for more than 2000 years the punishment for arsonists was ruthless!

  24. If that idiot that calls himself the the guy in charge of the polichad any idea what he was doing he wouldn’t come up with stupid ideas like this. You have criminals running around like it is a feast. What police force are you running. Oh I forgot it not a police force it is a fucking circus. If you want criminals to be afraid you need to scare them with their own lives you idiot. Let them know they will die when they enter illegally. He will think twice before doing it. Now you say don’t worry you can go break in without worries it just property. How stupid are you. No wonder any African country can prosper under your rule.

  25. They are crazy. If these criminals enter your yard, they have 1 intent. Either take your belongings or hurt someone, even do both. If someone enters without permission, to protect your belongings and loved ones you cannot be blamed for hurting or killing the criminals. Bill should be changed to protect your property and loved ones even if you have to kill the culprit – no questions asked. Government should stop protecting criminals. Guess they do as they are a problem as welll and cant pass a bill with them being criminal as well.

  26. It is on record that SAPS are failing currently to protect private property. In most landgrabs, riot looting, riot burning of buildings they where not abel to prevent even when on the seen before it happen. Pubilc order police can not be everywhere and thay are also not effectiv in that regard. In most cases Vispol SAPS police area first on the seen but then are only observers as that can not act. In mitigating the thread as it is the jurisdiction of POPS. In most cases the officer in command when POPs arrives and take over is a Warrent officer or Captain at most. There only focus is crowed controle in a reactive mannor. They are not focus on property protection nor do they have the capasity. Vispol ditto but do not intervine where POPs is operating. This is leaving property owners bare to protect themselves and there property.

    In this the goverment is failing those he has an obligation to protect agains hooliganism of persons that aim to destroy enithing of in there way no matter who it belong to.

  27. If they want to steal my property, I will do whatever is necessary, to protect it. If some-one was to die in the process, so be it. The force applied to me as the victim, will be applied to the attacker as well. There is NOTHING wrong with that principle!

  28. Get rid of useless mr Cele and dig out all the crap uvalreadyvhave in the firce at pressent some of the biggest crocks are akready in yr force under cele %

  29. What a load of crap! Honestly, so we must just let the criminals come and take what do what ever they want in my own home. No chance. If I can do something about it, I will.

  30. This is the second most idiotic thing ever brought up in ZA today. We have one of the most dangerous countries in the world where criminals are given more protection than innocent law-abiding citizens.

    The far majority of police in ZA are so uneducated, under- trained, short staffed and stupid due to the above, that they can’t tell the difference between their arses from their elbows and now we want to have them make life or death decisions when encountering deadly and violent criminals to determine if they commited theft or robbery before using lethal force.Here is a thought: In stead of creating a safe haven for criminals, why don’t we make things easier for the law-abiding ones and harder for the criminals? By allowing more deterrent measures to crime. Violent criminals should have less rights because they have already shown to not give a damn about the rights of others. Give police better training and raise the standards for actually graduating to a police officer, Jail any corrupt cop with very harsh sentences, bring back the death penalty for murderers , rapist and violent criminals and make firearms ownership easier for law abiding citizens to protect their families. This country is run by imbeciles and criminals.

  31. Experienced about 20 home robberies, +gun, rape attack, 2 stolen cars, 3 follow up and attempted hijack I think that I am in position to have very strong opinion about how this government are not giving any logic concerns for my safety. All costs as consequence are on me. While average and political gangsters are allowed whatever they feel to do, to take, to intimidate, to rob, to have rights to vote, to medical treatment in case of need, legal support etc. On top of this economic rasism “legally” implemented – all bee ee ee. The general public must be mentally sick if it have any expectations from current government and ANC in particular.

  32. When anybody applies to be a member af ANY security body, they must be scrutinized and ‘security searched’ by knowledgable people. Lives are in their hands and trust in them is necessary. My father was an excellent officer of the law. He never , ever stopped at a shop or café when in uniform. He was alert at all times and a gentleman to boost. He was never seen with a cigarette in his hand or asleep on the job. He excercised and looked after his body. To serve and protect was his dream. I will always treasure his memory and wanted to be like him when I was young. WHAT HAPPENED ??

  33. All applicants to the SAPS should have a matriculation with proven reading, writing and maths skills. They must be able to write a coherent and understandable statement based on a witness’s dictation. MANDATORY.

  34. I believe that, as far as possible, lethal force (live ammunition etc) should be used when either a SAPS life/property is threatened to a point of violence, otherwise the law must be done by numbers and negotiation.
    I believe that the law concerning the protection of any: commercial/private property should be SERIOUSLY changed to make it legal to protect one’s life/property by force if required/lives threatened!!
    Today’s criminals are not like previous years where one could talk, warn and reason. No! Today’s criminals come: in numbers, armed and thoughtless.
    So if caught on your property without permission, and they are carrying/ approach you with a weapon of any kind, (there is no second chance if they use/try to use it) especially in the numbers you encounter in any attack you have today!!
    So if you harm anyone in any way who threatens you or your family and property, you should have the right to do what is required to defeat such a situation if needed.
    As they are contravening,” your right to privacy, ownership and life!
    This should be a law that applies to the police and national law structure.

    This is a constitutional right to self defence of one’s person or property, irrispective of race and gender.

  35. The intended principle that property may not be protected through the use of lethal force is unconstitutional. Both the right of life and the right to private ownership are ensured in the Constitution. What if property is of life-ensuring kind, should an owner just stand idly by whilst being robbed of it? Take my word, the theft of property is many times life-threatening.

  36. You all are changing the bill to soot the criminals more. Instead of you taking our rights away. You should be taking the criminals rights away. Me personally will take a criminal out no matter what you say. That person made a choice to do crime it’s my choice to defend what I have worked for all my life. My opinion is your bill stinks like cow dung.

  37. The proposed amendment that one may not use lethal force to protect your property is preposterous, and an invitation for criminals to rob the law-abiding citizens of their possessions more easily than it already is. If we think that the commission of corruption, theft and fraud is easier now than ever before, watch the stats for robbery, housebreaking and hi-jacking sky-rocket in the event of the amendment being passed into law.

  38. I think these silly folk making up laws like this need to also then make laws about criminals not being allowed to use legal and/or illegal firearms, as well as not being allowed to use automatic weapons.

    As we all know, the criminals all ignore the current laws.

  39. I feel that you should be allowed to protect your property only who give any stranger the right to just come onto your property. That is trespassing and is the law and what does that stranger want how do we know if that person or persons are not armed. So I feel you have the right to ask them to leave and if they don’t want to then bear the brunt of the law or buck shot up their ass.

  40. I am now not even allowed to protect my house and my loved one’s!!! That wil be the bloody day!!! If he comes into my yard and threatenes me or my family … I WILL TAKE HIM / THEM OUT BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE!!!
    This land does not belong to criminals,,I don’t care what the law of the land says!!!

  41. I think the bill is not fare when it comes criminals some of us own business at our properties and have been marked and shot at more than 50 times and the criminals they just walk dow the streets we can’t do anything I have applied for my gun and trust me there is no way I will let these criminals come and rob and shot and my employees I will Blust that is a fact and the low should stipulate that all those who have guns they must use it to protect themselves against criminals

  42. What the hell!!! We are not allowed to protect ourselves and our kids!! Intruders on the other hand they may come in the middle of the night and trespass on our property and invade our safe place…also they are allowed to kill us in the most grusome ways!!! But that’s just awesome!!!! What a future to look forward to…😠

  43. Criminals often use lethal force, during commitment of crime, but why are the victims now prohibited from the same action to protect their lives and their families lives, as well as the protection of their property? Does criminals now have more rights than the law abiding citizens? What is the victim’s life worth? Who makes these laws a d are they doing their ‘homework’ before putting laws into motion?

  44. The policy is so corrupt,, hoe will they ever get rid of it??
    Should a stranger comes into my yard to harm my family,, I WILL SHOOT HIM AND I WILL SHOOT HIM DEAD,, whatever the consequences may be. It is private property and I did not invite him in!!

  45. It is my constitutional right to defend myself, my family and property and will do so which ever means possible. If that means by force then so be it…..

  46. Citizens should be allowed toe protect their lives and property by using lethal force if needed

  47. This is bull *#$€\##.
    Now these assholes will now it’s safe to come onto your property and do/take whatever they want too.
    This.Government does not care about South African citizens because they ride around with bodyguards. Why are we just letting these so called Government officials get away with whatever suits them.

  48. What is the use of the police? If u call them they just dont come out or the are an hour late, by that time me and my family can be killed… The question is do criminals have more rights then us as a community?

    Thank you

  49. Hallo! What about the rights of farmers and other rurally isolated communities. What about the rights of cultural and religious minority groups.

  50. This is bulshit!!!! The police are presently useless & now they are being transformed into social workers. What is being done about the farm & home terrorist attacks? Does this ignorant & corrupt regime believe these terrorists are going to oblige?

  51. Friggin bunch of pussy’s ……. there can be no structured lawful Country without repercussions for Criminals…… Criminals have more rights than lawful hard working Citizens who upgrade the Country, contribute to the economy and pay tax!

  52. As i were in SAPD — years ago- I can still remember — All stuff concerning the rights of a police officer— The problem now is a lot of police officers get involved in civil cases which can cause some severe claims— Its as if they think by wearing a blue uniform they can RULE BY EVERY MEANS— Its so obvious that they dont know the diifirence between a civil case and a criminal case— For example they will enter a farm — just to play taxi for people — This is like tresspassing and if one confront them – they will theaten you that they will lock -arrest – you for preventing them to do there jop —

  53. I will use my own gun if my family is in danger no mater what even if I get locked up for killing a intruder it will be perfect with me cause I know I have saved my families life, so go screw your shit ideas🖕

  54. Government much ensure to protect the public which operate with in the law. Now the amendment of the act take the innocent as the criminal, which is and human rights issues.
    The human right’s were undermine by the government and the law.
    This means, when someone is in your farm, premise or house without your permission this is legal even with the intention to harm or murders you, it clearly undermine human rights of the public.

  55. Hello everyone, there’s only one thing to do, when someone try to use force entering your propetry,
    Kill the bastards, because they will do the same.
    With great respect, I’m a Islamic person, no one will hurt me or my family, and I’m with the farmers and who ever got hurt or kill by , whether its black white,coloured, indian,

  56. Ramapoesa has just introduced another means of killing off the white population of SA. We are going to have to stand up against him and hie his band of thugs & thieves or we will end up like the whites in all the so called “liberated” states in Africa. Our problem is that we have nowhere to run.

  57. Completely disband all police forces and start from scratch as SAPS is the most corrupt organisation in SA, all police forces’ members have zero respect for public’s rights, vast majority of all members are racist pigs, cops (traffic and saps) are useless, lazy, corrupt, arrogant and majority criminals involved in serious crime, or at least corruption.
    Most are not fit to carry fire arms.
    A huge percentage can hardly scrawl their own names, never mind take down a statement.
    Majority of cops have no idea how to handle a crime scene or how to investigate a crime.
    Most cops should not drive a vehicle as they are pathetic drivers.

    Have not seen a single cop that follows the rules of the road, not even once.

  58. This country is gone to the fucken dogs.
    Govt in this country is useless, lawless country, more crime then anything else.
    Murderers, rapists, are walking freely while the injured must suffered, reason being the criminals are paying the govt and police to allow them to continue to their crimes. No use living this country any longer. Justice system has failed the honest citizens of the country.

    The more job loss the more crime, our government is only out to kill it own people for money.

  59. I am really sorry but this is the upmost nonsense I have ever heard people are being raped farmers murdered cars stolen children kidnapped money vehicles bombed i will not stand for this if an intruder trespasses my property I will kill no one will touch my family or possessions this land is already as bad as it is no South African can sleep at night anymore.

  60. You are saying criminals have now more rights than law abiding citizens? What must we do if criminals enter our private property and steal or rape or kill our family members? I will do whatever it takes to protect my property and the lives of my loved ones . South Africa needs a party/government that will protect the rights of law abiding citizens, the ANC government and Cele are killing the people of South Africa by giving criminals rights to do whatever they want. We must vote for the party that will protect law abiding citizens of this country finish and klaar

  61. It is time to take Cele to court so that he can stand trial for the murders that he instigated. By saying what he did to the farmers, he basicly gave permission for farmers to be murdered. Mafia boss.

  62. The sad truth is that police officers is areas like Osizweni are the real criminals, in osizweni the police don’t do anything even with the simplest of things like the illegal spinning of cars every weekend late next to Sithwathwa tarven on the road just because he is their friend. There will be bill ofter bill proposed and passed but if there is no follow up on what is said on the bill it is pointless. What we need from the police service is service not the attitude they give when we need help and for them to use their own cars to go to work not for them to use state cars to do their shopping and take the cars home when we need help at night we are told the are no cars just because they are making them personal vehicles. The police need to use state resources for the service of communities not personal gain.

  63. Fire Constable Bheki Cele. He only wastes taxpayers money by traveling to every crime scene where news crews and video cameras are present to try and show he is doing something. He should be planning, managing and monitoring instead of posing.

  64. There is a whole lot of criminals working in the police. You can’t even trust police nor our government. So how are they going to protect us citizens?????
    All bullshit

  65. It’s time this government catch a wake up and decide who is their greatest asset?Honest hard working people or criminals.The way they protect criminals one would think that it would be criminals. Then I suggest they try and get their tax income from everyone who has a criminal record.If they consider it to be the honest hard working citizen then treasure us and take good care of us as we are the ones who keep the boat afloat.People should have the right to defend themselves against criminals threatening their lives and property. Why should the criminal have the right to threatened the life and property of innocent citizens and then have the unfair advantage of incompetent people investigating the cases against them at the cost of the victim(tax payer?),and while I’m in that area Bheki Cele ,the clown ,should be fired . He’s an insult to any organization to have on its payroll.

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