Hutten Heights, Newcastle to get R1.1 billion Hospital

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An investment of R1.1 billion into Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal’s medical sector is currently in the pipeline, with the development set to elevate the local economy in various ways. This follows a Gauteng-based company expanding into the up-and-coming KwaZulu-Natal town.

Newcastle Municipality’s Chairperson for Town Planning and Development, Cllr Bertie Meiring pointed out that the necessary presentation has already been conducted and plans are now in full swing to see the billion-rand project commence.

“We recently had the presentation in EXCO (Executive Committee), and we now have to send it back to Town Planning to investigate the rezoning process, before taking the matter back to EXCO for the final decision,” he explained.

The reasoning behind the investigations into the rezoning process is due to the developers looking at establishing the massive project in Rooibok Avenue, Hutten Heights. The alternative location for the medical facility, if the Hutten Heights site is not approved, will be near the Newcastle Mall, already zoned as a medical area.

Furthermore, Cllr Meiring pointed out, “The process will take about a month, and if approved, which I think it will be, the facility will be in Rooibok Avenue.” 

Speaking on what the new facility will bring to Newcastle, Cllr Meiring stated that the new facility will offer significant benefits to Newcastle residents.

“We would become one of the strongest medical centres in Northern KZN, with extra medical specialities and doctors in town. Also, the hospital will have a total of 150 beds available for patients. This will help a lot if the other Private Hospital is at full capacity.”

Additionally, he pointed out that the facility will have three phases to look out for. Phase One will be the hospital, and Phase Two will be the doctors’ suites. “Phase Three will be a nurse’s training school and accommodation,” further pointing out that this opens up job opportunities for those looking at careers in the healthcare sector.

With the planning process underway, Cllr Meiring emphasised it was currently too early to say when exactly the entire process will be complete.

“But when it happens, especially with so many doctor practices already situated in the Hutten Heights area, the people of Newcastle will truly benefit from the services,” he concluded.

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9 thoughts on “Hutten Heights, Newcastle to get R1.1 billion Hospital

  1. Expanding medical facilities crucial for Newcastle and surrounding areas especial the availability of specialist services. Fight on to make the plan become realityDrie

    1. A hospital in Hutten Height is necessary as there is no hospital north of the Incandu River.There is also a shortage of hospital beds in Newcastle as we service the whole of Northern Natal. At present in a emergency people in HH have to fight their way through the traffic in the centre of town. Hopefully there will be a cardiac ward

  2. What about the hospital that was supposed to be built around the aquarand area opposite Audi ?

  3. There is a huge shortage of clinical skills so in effect there won’t be job creation. All the hospitals will be eating from the same pot in terms of staffing. We are already scrapping the bottom of the pot and sometimes forced to appoint nurses whose aren’t up to scratch just to service the current demand. We then have to train already trained nurses.
    Furthermore our geographical location is an obstacle to attract up and coming doctors and specialists. It is not due to the lack of a facility. Training nurses and opening a nursing school is almost impossible due to ever changing regulations and red tape at the SANC.
    Perhaps the author of the article should visit the local hospitals for a accurate picture of the healthcare environment.
    The article starts with up and coming town? Are you aware of the current economic climate in Newcastle? Have you forgotten about the recent retrenchment and pay cuts at ArcelorMittal?
    The national economic crisis has also seen a decline in medical aid members!

  4. Well said , Nurse !
    Our town is not up and coming. Major industries have shut down .
    People are cancelling their medical aid memberships which are no longer affordable due to unemployment.

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