KZN Dept of Transport to employ 4000 youth to repair roads, Dannhauser to benefit first

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KwaZulu-Natal experienced mass flooding during the month of April, with thousands of people across the province impacted by the devastation. Apart from this, numerous roads have surpassed their lifespans. As a result, the said roads have begun sprouting potholes and breaking away. 

Therefore, speeding up the reconstruction of road infrastructure, the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Transport stated that it will deploy a cohort of more than 4 000 young people to conduct minor road repairs.

According to the department, the youth job creation programme, dubbed Vukayibambe Routine Road Maintenance (VRRM), also coincides with the celebration of the 46th anniversary of Youth Month.

“This programme is aimed at training and skilling young people in doing minor repairs and road maintenance; this includes pothole patching, road marking, grass cutting and other related activities. Priority will be given to flood-damaged infrastructure and roads (blacktop and gravel) that have reached their lifespan,” highlighted the KZN Department of Transport.

Further noting that the programme is currently being rolled out in all districts with the launch kicking off in the Amajuba District on Tuesday, 21 June 2022, at the Nellyvalley Sports Grounds in Dannhauser

As the project gets underway, the various districts will be announced. 

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