Vryheid DA councillor survives assassination attempt

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Political violence has yet again reared its head in Northern KwaZulu-Natal, following an assignation attempt on Democratic Alliance Zululand District Councillor, Swelakhe Shelembe, in Vryheid.

DA leader Francois Rodgers offered insight into the events that followed on Thursday night, 2 May 2022. “While details are still being gathered, it appears that Cllr. Shelembe was being transported in his private vehicle by a municipal assigned protector when unknown gunmen opened fire on his car. It is understood around five bullets penetrated the vehicle.”

Thankfully, both Cllr. Shelembe and his bodyguard survived the incident unhurt.

Recently, Cllr. Shelembe has been chairing a multi-party ethics committee in the Abaqalusi (Vryheid) Municipality. This follows allegations of irregular expenditure by high-ranking officials in the municipality. The findings of the report were due to be tabled in council, in the coming days.

“It is clear to the DA that this terrible act against Cllr. Shelembe was the work of powerful politicians and officials who wished to silence him and strike fear into councillors, in order to protect themselves.”

DA leader Francois Rodgers

Following the failed assassination attempt, Rodgers said, “The DA calls on the South African Police Services (SAPS) to leave no stone unturned in finding the hitmen and those that ordered the hit, no matter how high up the politician chain they may be.”

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