Farmers jump into action, averting potential farm attack

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Following an incident on a farm situated between Ingogo and Groenvlei on Wednesday evening, 18 May 2022, Ithemba Security’s Operational Director, Mornè Potgieter explained that quick thinking farmers managed to avert an otherwise serious situation.

This incident follows mere days after a farm attack on Wednesday, 11 May 2022, just outside of Newcastle on the N11. An attack where the property’s owner, his wife, grandchild, and daughter-in-law were viciously assaulted by the suspects before they escaped with cash and cellphones.

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Moreover, Potgieter stated that “the farmers were proactive when they noticed that something was not right.” As a result, numerous farmers respond to the property owner’s call for assistance, finding a strange man on the property.

According to Potgieter, the individual was apprehended, with the farmers calling the South African Police Service (SAPS) for further assistance. However, while taking the man into custody, Potgieter said additional suspects managed to escape in a goldish Nissan vehicle. 

Thankfully, no injuries were reported during the incident This, due to the excellent response from the farmers.

Reflecting on the recent farm attacks, AfriForum’s Campaign Manager Jacques Broodryk highlighted that farm attacks are complex, and there are various reasons they take place.

He stated that violent crime in South Africa was currently out of hand, noting that the police’s inefficiency to perform their duties and corruption in the SAPS were obviously muddying the waters even further.

Additionally, Broodryk said, “The declining socio-economic situation in the country is also leading to an increase in crime. Of course, if you add the reckless and hateful utterances by certain politicians, demonising farmers and encouraging the singing of songs that promote violence against farmers, then you get the terrible situation we currently have, where innocent people are tortured and murdered.”

When looking forward and offering advice, Broodryk pointed out that one of the things he often heard when speaking to survivors of farm attacks, is that they never thought it would happen to them.

“Unfortunately, it does happen, often. Farmers and farm dwellers need to constantly be vigilant, they have to get involved with their local civilian safety structures and learn basic self defense principles. If you own a firearm, carry it on you. It is useless if it’s locked in a safe when you need it. AfriForum also assists farming communities with this type of training, including firearm handling and first aid. Please visit

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