Medics discuss bizarre situations they find themselves in

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As the festive season atmosphere begins to soak into our days, with many already feeling the chilled vibe—we speak to hard-working paramedics who, in between the chaos, deal with some strange or bizarre call-outs. 

Debbie Gafney of KZN Private Ambulance describes two memories that stick out for her. One concerns a local minister, and the other includes an elderly man from Memel.

“Quite some time ago, we were called out to an incident in Memel where an 85-year-old man fell out of bed, breaking his hip. While treating the patient, we found out he had just married his 50-year-old wife, and they were currently on Honeymoon when he fell out of bed.”

According to Gafney, what made the incident genuinely uncomfortable was that the patient knew that the medics identified the actual reason why he fell out of bed. 

However, Gafney goes on to say that the incident with the minister was much more awkward.

“We received a call from a pastor, claiming that he was shot. We attended the scene and he had been shot, in the buttocks.”

Initially, the patient stated that the shooting occurred as a result of an attempted hijacking. However, Gafney says that medics established that the pastor was shot shortly after being discovered in bed with another woman.

WATCO Emergency Medical Services‘ Waldi Korff adds that the WATCO staff has also observed some odd instances. One of them involves a police officer.

“We attended a scene where a police officer shot himself in the leg.” According to Korff, the unintentional shooting occurred as the police officer was changing his clothes.

“He said he had taken the gun out of its holster and put down on a nearby cabinet. But, based on the angle of the wound, it appears to have occurred when he was removing the firearm from its holster.” Thankfully, the injury was not serious.

From police officers accidentally shooting themselves to sexual escapades going horribly wrong, what are your thoughts? Tell us of an incident that made you cringe with embarrassment. 

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