Post Office explains why Hutten Heights, Newcastle post boxes are closed

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The Hutten Heights Post Boxes at the shopping complex on Gemsbok Street are currently closed. Security gates blocking access to the premises, seeing residents unable to collect their mail.

A concerned resident explains, “I recently went to collect my post and was confused when I saw I could not get in. I asked nearby shopkeepers what was going on, and I was told the premises had been closed due to issues the Post Office was experiencing.”

As a service relied on by the community, the resident said, “People pay the necessary fees each year and now we can’t get our post. I have tried contacting the necessary officials, but I have received no joy.”

Speaking to Nobuhle Njapha of the South African Post Office’s Communication Division, the Newcastillian – Online News established the cause of the problem.

Njapha explains, “Due to our financial constraints experienced in the past months, Hutten Heights Post Office is without electricity due to non-payment. The mail collection has also been locked due to the same issue.”

This is not the first time the South Africa Post Office has faced difficulties in Newcastle this year due to non-payment of bills.

On 17 February 2021, the Newcastillian – Online News reported that the Newcastle Post Office on Scott Street could not assist residents. This, a result of the branch not paying utility bills. 

At the time, Njapha explained that electricity was interrupted due to a technical error. This caused frustration and concern, as residents rely on the entity for car license renewals.

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Regarding the current situation at the post boxes in Hutten Heights, Njapha says the problem is being attended to. “Our properties division is in talks with the landlord on a payment plan and the urgent release of mail for customers.”

As the South African Post Office attends to the situation, what are your thoughts? 

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