Welcoming Newcastle AME (BMG Group) MD, Donavan Govender


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A proven and trusted company in Newcastle, BMG recently expanded on their offerings throughout the region. Transforming its long-standing branch in Vlam Crescent, Newcastle, to AME (Africa Maintenance Equipment). 

Donavan Govender is driving this upgrade and new instalment from the JSE listed corporation. A Managing Director who has proven his worth in the company, earning his seat at the head of the table.

AME Newcastle

Sitting down with this on the ground MD, we learn that Govender began his career with BMG back in 1997. This, straight after finishing school in Durban. Obtaining a foot in the door as a casual worker, he explains, “I initially started out in the accounts department, where my job was to fold statements and put them into envelopes.” 

From there, determined to move up the ranks, Govender enquired about openings within the stores. Landing a position, he found himself sweeping the storeroom and packing stock. 

Whilst in the position, his life took a drastic turn after a year of working at BMG. The company’s training programmes offered staff the opportunity to continuously further themselves, even training people to hold managerial positions if the opportunity arose. “I applied for the training programme and was one of 47 people who were successful. It is a five-year programme and during that time, I moved to various branches around the country, such as in Durban, Johannesburg and Isithebe branches.”

Dedicated to his career, the always smiling Govender says a memory that comes to mind when thinking about the Isithebe branch was when he lived in the branch during the training period.

Due to his sheer determination to succeed, Govender finished the five-year programme in a mere three years. After that, he took an internal sales position at BMG before becoming a sales rep and eventually the manager at the same Isithebe branch.

Thereafter, Govender moved to Newcastle, where he ran the belting field services division and the mini RSC. Jointly, he oversaw BMG Mittals Branch Manager and Ladysmith Branch Manager, both of whom reported to him. 

Having learned virtually every aspect of the business by working across various branches and head office departments, travelling the country, leading branches to win awards—the next big step for him was to take the position of Managing Director for AME Newcastle.

Excited for the next step, Govender explains that he and his wife, Shalene, bought into the business—reserving the rights to distribute BMG parts in the Amajuba District as of 1 June 2021.

As the head of the Amajuba District for AME, he says there are various positive developments the community can expect from the business. “Among the new changes, the community needs to understand the brand and what it stands for. As the official distributor for BMG, we are not a company who just sells a product.”

Instead, he declares, AME is fully backed and supported by BMG and all its resources. This means that AME’s clientele enjoys a triumphant product range, notably some of the best in the world. Coupled with remarkable technical solutions, all ensure that companies receive the most from their products through AME’s brilliant service, enhancing optimal client productivity.

Additionally, Govender affirms, from start to finish, AME holds a wide range of engineering and technical experts who are ready to take business productivity to the next level. Delving a bit deeper, he says, the product range includes bearings, seals, belts, valves, bolts and nuts, conveyor belts, gaskets and a massive range of tools. This is coupled with equipment, hydraulics, pneumatics, to mention but a few. As well as a team of professionals to assist where needed. 

Shalene Gulzar adds that it is essential to note that AME is also a Black empowerment company with its Level 2 BEE compliance.

Having travelled the country and visited international shores with BMG, Govender remarks that the Newcastle community stands out in ways that separate our town from cities. Not only does Newcastle sport its fair share of heavy industrial work, but the community is also focused on mining, unlike in other areas.

He adds that there is also a diversity of cultural groups within Newcastle. “Understanding the different cultures has given me a better understanding of how to service the community and find a sustainable balance to offer our products to Newcastle.”

Another thing that makes Newcastle stand out for him is the opportunity to deal with his clientele personally, developing lasting relationships and understanding their requirements.

Through this close working relationship, Govender says he has found a certain amount of inspiration from Newcastillians. “The Oval Track and bowls interests me and after coming to Newcastle, I was inspired by how people from all walks of life were brought together by a local sporting event.”

In addition, the recent looting also pulled on his heartstrings, as the Newcastle community banded together to save the town, working as one.

Concluding, in his personal capacity, due to his passion for the town, Govender is also involved with community projects such as feeding schemes at schools. As a company striving for excellence, led by a committed leader, join us in welcoming AME and the team in true Newcastillians fashion.

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  1. A remarkable achievement that was long overdue. That ship now had the right Captain.
    Congratulations and all the best in your new position.

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