This is how St Dominics Newcastle is revolutionising Newcastle, KZN


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Holding an illustrious history in academics, sports and culture. St Domincs Newcastle is a historical private educational institute designed to produce successful young South Africans.

As a Curro Select school, St Dominics Newcastle proudly forms part of Curro Holdings, the largest independent education provider in South Africa. Unlike other private schools, this network under the Curro banner, including tertiary and a great network of schools, offers our learners an education with a bright future.

An example of this; St Dominics Newcastle learners benefit by receiving a special saving on their tertiary studies through STADIO and Milpark Education, while jointly benefiting from educational best practices. 

If that is not enough, the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) is recognised abroad, opening up tangible opportunities for our learners after matric. 

Moreover, Curro has proven over the past year that education as we know it is changing. With this in mind, St Dominics Newcastle has seen the value that independent schooling can offer families by adapting, adjusting, and adopting.

As a result, Curro launched an online extended subject choice offering. 

The first group of St Dominics Newcastle learners used this opportunity by taking on Advanced Programme Mathematics as an additional subject where they flourished.

The Grade 9s of 2021 now have the opportunity to take in a broader range of subjects through these extended subject choices for 2022 and years to come. 

Currently, to name a few subjects available; Information Technology, Computer Applications Technology, Design, and French can be studied. 

St Dominics Newcastle is looking to work even closer with the extended subject choice offerings in 2022. With the aim to provide junior high school learners more exposure to the aforementioned opportunities.

The extended list of subjects on offer focuses on Grades 10 to 12 subjects and enhances St Dominics Newcastle’s subject offering over this period. 

As part of St Dominics Newcastle’s technological drive, the school’s curriculum will offer Robotics, with a specialised curriculum, from Grades R to 9. A new Robotics Club for Grades 10 is also available for interested learners.

Furthermore, St Dominics Newcastle assures sporting, and cultural offerings (dramatic, artistic, and creative arts) will not be left behind. In fact, the school is excited about its up-and-coming summer sports tour, confident this will be the first of many more to come.

Curro Sport and Curro Create provide a platform for learners to showcase their talents. And with the return of the Curro Cup in 2022, St Dominics Newcastle is excited about all the upcoming happenings.

As there is no better time to invest in your child’s future, parents are encouraged to take the step and enrol their children in St Dominics Newcastle. Space for 2022 is limited.

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