“If you don’t vote, your vote will go to the ANC; it’s that simple,” Faizel Cassim


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Weeks out from the municipal elections, ActionSA Newcastle leader, Faizel Cassim, explains that people believe they are obligated to vote for the ANC as it is “their house.”

But as an ex ANC member himself, Faizel says, the culture around this type of “obligated voting” has resulted in people continuously choosing the same group of politicians regardless of what is delivered. Further stating, “But still people keep voting for them. Or worse, are now not voting as they feel their vote is not important.”

Faizel goes on to affirm, “This, however, is not the case. You are a beloved South African, not a guest in your country. You are extremely important, and I personally need you to know that. Going to the polls in a few weeks and making your mark will bring the change you and I have been begging for over the years.” 

In South Africa, according to the ActionSA Mayoral Elect, the ANC obtained the South African people’s freedom by dismantling the previous administration’s unjust regime.

“They introduced a new South Africa we were all proud to be a part of. With Madiba leading, the future looked bright. But then the party became entrenched in its own goals, forgetting the needs of the people who put them in power.”

Faizel Cassim

As ActionSA, Faizel says, “We are stating, it is fair enough to say that in 1994, the ANC was a brand-new house. However, in the past 27 years, this house has become dilapidated.”

“We will always appreciate the freedom fighters and the activists who fought for our freedom, but it is time for the academics to take the country forward. The activist’s time was before 1994. We need ethical leaders now, who know and understand the operations of business, to develop South Africa and the economy. Not seasoned politicians, who are detached from daily realities,” states Faizel. 

Because of this, he highlights that if you compared the ANC’s house from 20 years ago to the 2021 version, they are unrecognisable. “The windows are smashed out, and the doors rotted off from corruption. The roof is broken due to the constant storms (internal politics). The house (the ANC) has fallen apart and is not a favourable and flourishing environment anymore. Common sense will tell you; nobody can functionally live in a house like this. It is time to move on and find new accommodation.”

Faizel believes ActionSA is precisely the type of accommodation South Africans need. “We are multi-racial and have ethical leaders who, like you, need to see South Africa saved from further failure. ActionSA truly has people’s interests at heart, not their own pockets. For us, all communities come first, and the party comes second.”

In fact, he explains that ActionSA is not made up of politicians. “Our party comprises of community leaders, along with various business people.” 

He explains that each of these individuals is “gatvol of politics” and are using the political party as a vehicle to get into government to bring about tangible change for the region. Thereby breaking the barriers between local government and the public. 

While looking at “cleaning house” in Newcastle, Faizel admits it will not be easy. “The Newcastle Municipality is in shambles, is in a financial crisis and has a backlog of challenges, all requiring immediate attention.”

To improve the financial standing of the “house”, he says the way forward is to reach out to all businesses and business chambers in Newcastle in order to produce an action plan for uplifting the local economy. 

“There will need to be a collective decision by the business community, and not by specific individuals as the business sector and its decisions impact the various communities more than government. “Further stating that “we can logically agree that without thriving businesses and a low unemployment rate, actual investors will ignore Newcastle.”

With him engaging the various sectors, people and organisations, structuring a plan forward, Faizel states, “Through ethical leadership, the business world will be more inclined and able to flourish, ensuring Newcastle gets off of its current path in becoming a ghost town.”

Furthermore, as Mayoral Elect for ActionSA, when in power, Faizel intends to establish plans to collect all outstanding debt, without drastically affecting residents’ lifestyles. “We cannot drain the community from the little resources they have to survive. Instead, we need to find an amicable solution to this problem.”

In terms of municipal tenders and contracts, the Newcastle Mayoral elect asserts that the municipality, under ActionSA, will prioritise local businesses. Creating employment, keeping spending within Newcastle’s borders while breaking the corruption destroying local progression.

“When we are in power, we are truly going to focuss on local businesses, supporting them wherever possible. As they have been left without assistance for too long. The business chambers will also play an important role, as they are key to the positive development we want in town.”

Determined to bring about positive transformation in the community, he explains that ActionSA has quickly become the new home for thousands upon thousands of Newcastillians. 

“With the party flourishing, people are enthusiastic for a change in Newcastle. The community will no longer be bought off with food parcels and t-shirts. Nor will people settle for dilapidated infrastructure and every-increasing municipal issues. Community members off all ages, races and backgrounds are joining the future of Newcastle. I invite you to be a part of this historical change and see our town thrive.”

Faizel Cassim

Concluding Faizel explains, “the people of South Africa, particularly the Newcastle residents, want long-term sustainability and not short-lived promises. Therefore, on 1 November 2021, to elect the political leadership of the country’s 257 municipalities, Faizel encourages all to cast their vote.

“If you don’t vote, your vote will go to the ANC; it is that simple. This one day where we get to exercise our democratic right provides all of us with years of opportunity for a better life.”

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