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South African Airways (SAA) returned to the skies with customers celebrating the return travel. At the same time, bringing more competitive pricing to the sector.

According to SAA board chairperson, John Lamola who was speaking ahead of the airline’s first flight since it was grounded at least 16 months ago.

“Since SAA went into and then out of business rescue, there has been less local capacity and that means tickets have become more expensive. Our return to the skies will mean more competitive pricing and will enable more South Africans to fly.”

Economics aside, Lamola added there is also the pride factor. He says, “Seeing SAA’s tail colours on international tarmacs is not only positive for South Africa, but the rest of the continent.”

The airline’s local flights official opened on 23 September 2021, with at least three trips per day between Johannesburg to Cape Town each way.

African countries earmarked for flights include Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ghana, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, starting on Monday, September 27th.

Lamola emphasised that bookings are the obvious measure of success. Considering this, he says he is thrilled there is high interest in South Africa and the rest of the continent.

“SAA is receiving inquiries from many missions on the continent asking when their cities will be added to our route network. All of this positive affirmation is indicative of how people feel about SAA and our return to service,” affirmed Lamola. 

The board chairperson vowed that the airline had now turned a corner from its previous struggles and would better serve its consumers.

Lamola further highlighted that SAA had reduced its staff complement considerably. The airline now has a lean, efficient fleet of aircraft numbering eight from a previous thirty-two.

Watch SAA’s first flight take off here:

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When looking at travel restrictions, SAA has summarised the entry requirements for countries within their current route network. Noncompliance with these requirements may result in refused entry. Airlines are required to ensure that travellers meet entry requirements before embarkation.  

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As SAA takes to the skies, what are your thoughts? Will you be taking advantage of the flag carrier airline?

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