Incredible online Gardening courses from 3 Eco-Friendly schools

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South Africa, unlike many countries, has beauty hidden in its soil. As an amateur gardener or season horticulturist in this bountiful land, discovering and exploring the various opportunities in your garden is simplistic.

All you require is the correct advice and guidance, and in no time, you will be saying goodbye to store-bought produce and hello to fresh, organic food straight out of your backyard.

We selected three unique eco-friendly online gardening schools to ensure you learn from the most reliable while supporting the planet. Each school and its courses cater to all levels of aspiring gardeners. Plus, each school sports its own unique style and culture.

This means you get to choose from a range of courses while picking the gardening school best suited to your personality.

Here is your list of South African online gardening schools and a variety of their courses. 

Herb Academy

Marking out milestones along the way since 2004. The Herb Academy has been mapping the best herbalist training routes available. And they have made it easy and affordable to learn at your own pace. Click here to read more

Food Gardening Master Class Cost: R695

Get a proven system to harvest armfuls of aromatic medicinal herb and baskets of crispy fresh veggies, all from your own backyard. Sign up for the course and learn more by clicking here.

Amateur Family Herbalist Course BundleCost: R1 475

The perfect course bundle to learn how to use Nature’s Apothecary to take better care of yourself and your loved ones.

The Amateur Family Herbalist Course Bundle consists of 2 Certificate courses and 3 masterclasses. Dive into this brilliantly priced course or learn more about it by clicking here.

Lifestyle College

A well-established option, providing online courses for all skill levels. This college caters to a wide variety of people keen on learning about landscaping and horticulture. Learn more about them by click here.

Landscape Design Stand Alone CourseCost: R1 800 incl VAT

The Landscape Design Course provides you with an introduction to the world of garden design. Click here to learn more about the course.

Pruning Stand Alone CourseCost: R300

Learn how to prune roses, fruit trees and flowering shrubs for the most beautiful garden! Click here to sign up or learn more.

Fruit & Veg Gardening Stand Alone CourseCost: R1 800 incl VAT

Learn the organic approach to looking after fruit trees and vegetable gardens with this course. Click the link to learn more and to sign up.

Horticulture Stand Alone CourseCost: R1 800 incl VAT

The Horticulture course teaches an organic approach to looking after plants and your garden. Click the link to sign up.

Lawn Management Stand Alone CourseCost: R 300

Learn the skills and knowledge necessary to prepare and maintain a lawn. To sign up and get your lawn ready for summer, click here.

Irene School of Garden Design

“Distance Learning courses. For those who want to pursue gardening design, and the more serious gardeners…”

Design course (12 weeks)Cost: R11 379

This study category addresses a variety of interesting and essential topics or courses that will aid and develop designers from various backgrounds. Click here to learn more.

Planting Course (5 Weeks)Cost: R4 749 + R1 100 for starter book

Planting is an exciting layered category of courses that set out to please the enthusiast, the designer and the horticulturist. Click here for more information and to sign up.

Construction Primer CourseCost: R4 749

Consists of various, easy-to-understand courses that theoretically help students understand the implementation of a garden and the related fields such as irrigation and the environment. Learn more about this course by clicking here.

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What are your thoughts? Let us know which one you would recommend?

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