Mediclinic Newcastle now offers direct bookings for COVID-19 vaccination

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Mediclinic is currently operating more than 30 COVID-19 vaccination centres across South Africa, providing access to eligible public members who still require the vaccine.

In addition, accessing a vaccine has now become more accessible, with the launch of the Mediclinic Vaccination Booking portal – allowing direct access to booking at any of these facilities.

Chief Clinical Officer of Mediclinic Southern Africa, Dr Gerrit de Villiers, explains that to date, Mediclinic has been serving those clients allocated by the Department of Health’s EVDS system and a limited number of walk-ins.

Mediclinic is proud to confirm that their clients now have the convenience of booking their appointment at Mediclinic Newcastle or any other Mediclinic vaccination centre at a time and date convenient for them.

“We are very encouraged by the influx of requests for vaccination since the last age restrictions for eligibility were removed. Our vaccination centres have noted the uptake in vaccinations, and we are pleased to make this process more accessible,” declares Dr de Villiers. 

Furthermore, the doctor stresses that they feel it is vitally important for all ages to get vaccinated, which is why Mediclinic Southern Africa is trying to make it simpler and easier to get a vaccine. “The community around our hospitals will no longer need to concern themselves about transport or unknown waiting times as our hospitals are conveniently located.”

Mediclinic strongly emphasises the need for the public to protect their health and the health of others by being vaccinated against COVID-19. 

Dr de Villiers highlights that vaccinations have demonstrated a dramatic reduction in the risk of becoming severely ill from the virus, while jointly reducing the risk of death. “We ask community members to please assist others who need help with registering.”

A list of facilities and the specific vaccine being offered are available on the Mediclinic website or via direct link.

The process to register for a COVID-19 vaccine:

  1. Make sure you are registered on the Department of Health’s EVDS system (
  2. Visit the Mediclinic website to access the portal
  3. Select the most suitable vaccination centre
  4. Select the time and date that suits you
  5. If needed, you can cancel a booking, and make a new one should you need to change the date or time for any reason.
  6. Visit the vaccination centre on your appointment date and choose a healthier future!

Vaccination services are offered to both medical aid and non-medical aid members. Walk-ins will continue to be assisted, but priority will be given to those individuals who have made an appointment. 

This ensures that we can best manage the flow of individuals through the facility.

“We trust that this will allow the community around our hospitals to fast track their appointment to protect their health. Bookings can be made for first or second Pfizer vaccines at those facilities offering that vaccine, with the proviso that the 42-day period has elapsed for the second vaccine at the date chosen for the second dose,” concludes Dr de Villiers. 

Get your vaccine today – it is #OurBestShot at a healthier future!

What are your thoughts on Mediclinic Newcastle offering direct bookings for people to be vaccinated? 

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